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Key Areas to Concentrate on While Learning Spanish

Spanish is a widely spoken language after English and Chinese. In countries like US, it is the second popularly spoken language. This made most of the people to learn Spanish for various reasons. Even though it is being taught in many schools as a second language, to achieve proficiency one needs to concentrate on the language even after completing their schooling. For now let us discuss on the important aspects which need to be taken care while learning Spanish.

There are three key things which one needs to work upon in order to be fluent in Spanish. They are the Grammar, Vocabulary, and Oral proficiency. These three things play an important role since they form the basis of the language. Though tough to work on, these are the vital aspects which should not be ignored. Let us discuss about them in detail.

Grammar: Spanish grammar is not as easy as English grammar, since all the Spanish nouns do have genders and in place of three articles in English, Spanish has four indefinite and four definite articles, used to represent the words depending on their gender and number. So, this makes it a bit complex than English, however consistent practice and conscious effort makes it easy.

Vocabulary: Once you have got enough knowledge on basics and Spanish grammar, its time to focus on the vocabulary. Like every other language, Spanish too has a huge vocabulary treasure. Though, it is not possible to know each and every word, concentrate more on the conversational phrases, words, familiar words, genders, and so on. Learning few words per day increases your vocabulary as well as help you to speak the language much easier and faster.

Oral proficiency: Learning is different from speaking. It is not enough, if you have all the subject knowledge which tells you how to speak Spanish, it is the practical knowledge and the practical speech which makes it effective. Since your ultimate goal is to speak Spanish, you must practice the things which you have learned. Practice includes proper pronunciation and proper usage of the words. Don’t be afraid of the mistakes, and try to speak even though you are not sure.

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