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Slow Recruitment Process Makes the Company Loose Good Candidates

Recruitment is a universal thing. There is no other means of selecting the employees for an organization except through this recruiting process. However, every organization has its own strategies in recruiting process and they have to implement their own way in choosing people. Hence, it is clear that each organization has a right to do their own kind of recruitment for the kind of people they are looking for. Also it does not mean that every practice by the organization is good and yields definitely good results. They are few companies which adopt few practices which are not good for them as they result in loosing the potential candidates. One such practice is the slow recruitment process which is in use by many companies, but is found to be ineffective.

Today we are in the fast moving generation and the candidates do not have enough patience to wait for such long days to hear the results of their interview. When they make their mind to switch to a new job or just started their job trails, they never restrict themselves to one company or one interview. They tend to attend a nice number of interviews for different companies and never loose a chance of missing a single opportunity. In a single day they can attend a couple of interviews and the company which soon gets back to the candidate will be given much priority to the candidate. No one has a dream to work for a particular company. They try to compare all the offers in hand and try to choose the best among them. In such scenario if the company finds the candidate to be deserving and if it is the company’s policy to make slow recruiting process, then the chances of loosing such candidates are simply increased by the company itself.

So make sure the candidate is fit for the position and once you are sure on every thing a casual meet with the respective department head to check the compatibility of the candidate with that manager is enough for grabbing him in to the organization.

Updated: December 27, 2013 — 6:42 am

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