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Synthetic Cannabis Still Exists Despite Ban

When government is implementing many laws and trying to control the use of cannabis, people are searching loop holes to use the product legally. K2, which is also called as spice is a synthetic cannabis drug which is banned in United States of America. A chemical called JWH-o18 is what makes it more dreadful.

The new state budget bill passed recently in June,2011 banned the sale and possession of K2 and other cannabinoids. While making the bill itself the law makers are worried about the additional synthetic compounds that will likely arise, which demands further regulations for the bill. Their worries came true after the bill has passed. The manufacturers are making minor chemical alterations to K2 and marketing it as a different substance such as K3 and Syn.

K2 and some other similar brands are typically getting marketed as “herbal incense”, with some labels warning the compounds are for incense use only. The officials are unable to find the people who are making those products. They came to know that the orders for marijuana are coming very frequently and they are as many as 10 per day.

They found that media exposure is making this drug so popular. People are trying to earn easy money and they are introducing these products in to the market, which costs them less and earns them lot. Hence the law makers are planning to impose a ban on these alternatives, in order to control the possession.

Updated: December 27, 2013 — 6:42 am

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