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How 2012 Could Be the Year of US Auto Industry?

All countries in the world are affected by recession and over the past few years they are coming out from recessions. US auto industry is receiving positive sales growth rate from continuous years after recession in 2009. Auto industry receiving the sales from new cars as well as used cars.

In US auto market is getting more demand for new cars. In US car average age is increased up to 10.8 years which boost the interest of consumers on new car buying. Clean car agreement in US is helping car makers, where producing environmental friendly and fuel efficient vehicles. These fuel efficient facilities boost the customers interest on new car buying.

Financial services also supporting the consumers’ car buying with providing easy new car loans. Financial institutions providing car loans with low interest rates and consumers also getting easy vehicle loans.

The US economy had grown at a rate of 2.8% in the fourth quarter of 2011. The GDP value has increased thus. New economic policies in US are increasing employment opportunities thus individual income and employment are improving. Many market researches predicted 2012 is a positive year for all car makers.

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