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Average Age of Cars in US is Increasing

In US car manufacturers are producing their vehicles with high performance lifetimes. The average age of passenger cars in US has reached 11 years which is more than the earlier ones life time. In 2006 the average age of passenger car in US was 9.7 years. Now the same average age of car is nearly more than 12% of 2006.

New car sales in 2011 has increased, especially for the vehicles having more lifetime. Car sales in US has increased for August, 2011 by 7% and this increase has also continued till the end of fourth quarter. Majorly in November, car sales have grown 7.4% more than the earlier years.

Experts are opining that, this increase in the lifetime is very much beneficial to car users. This reduces the car breakdowns, repairs and avoids the replacement of cars after four or five years of replacement.

The increasing average age of vehicle is affecting the new car sales for future years. The new car sales for 2011 was 13 million which is more than 2010, but now the future sales are not reporting the same great numbers due to increasing lifetime of new car.

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