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Mar 16 / admin

Commodity Costs In Europe Hit the Ford Sales

Ford motors corporation reported its Q4 sales for 2011, Ford motors was unable to get their target sales in European and Asian markets. High commodity costs in Europe and Asia had decreased the Ford sales. Ford, the second largest automaker in United States has received less operating profit of 1.1 Billion dollars which is less than their forecast value.

Analysts have estimated its increased per share value for 2011 as 25%, but the actual per share value increased at the end of last quarter (2011) was 20%. Ford motors has said that they have missed out on the expectations due to exchange rates and high commodity costs. They have also said that except for North America, their profit returns in other areas was affected due to the external deteriorates. They further added that the impact oh higher prices in commodities has affected their sales much greatly than what they expected.

The Ford manufacturers are staying positive, though its tough to move forward at this point of time.

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