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Control in Smoking Rates, Increase in Drug Abuse : Study

Smoking Cigarette, is one of the most common habit many of the people globally have. Its easy availability and less cost made it popular across the world. Starting from the children to older adults many people got addicted to it like anything. Till now smoking is the most abused form of using tobacco and the number of people getting used to this dreadful habit are increasing in number every day. But in Australia the scenario is different, says the latest reports.

According to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, the number of Australians smoking tobacco has decreased, but supplementing this decreased use was the rise in use of illegal drug. They surveyed nearly 26,000 people and found that the proportion of daily tobacco smokers aged over 14 has dropped to 15%. The people aged between 20s to 40s quit smoking since 2007.

They have also conducted a survey on the illicit use and found that the percentage of people who reported using an illicit drug has increased to 14.7% since 2007 till date. Even though the increase is small it includes, cannabis, marijuana, prescription medicines, cocaine and non hallucinogens.

However, there is a decline in the ecstasy use from about 3.5% to 3%. But the alcohol use is still at high risk since one in five people are having more than two standard drinks per day.

Even though the drop in the percentages of people smoking is some what less, there is a rise in the other dreadful substance, drugs. It is not clear whether people are quitting bad things or adopting new bad habits.

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