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Mobile Web: Key for the Marketers Future

With the change in time the usage of mobile phone is also changing. In past days mobile was used primarily for the communication purpose, but now in these modern days mobile is being used for various services. They are using it for entertainment, internet on mobile and for communication. To meet the changing demands of customers, many mobile companies are extending their mobile features. In the present days many people are showing interest to buy smart phone and 4G mobile phones. It is found that there is 96 percent increase in smart phone sales and 4G sales.

According to the eMarketer research reports the usage of mobile phone is increasing at higher rate. The report says that in 2008, there were 228.2 million mobile users in the United States. The usage percentage on total population is 75% in 2009, the number increased to 239.1 million users, the average percentage being 77.8% in 2010. eMarketer projects 246.1 million users, the ratio on total population is 79.3 % and the research study further estimates that it will grow to 250.9 million users in 2011, with the an average of population 80.1%, in U.S.

With the increase of mobile phone users, many of them are using mobile internet to search for their desired information on the move. This is the good news for the marketers and social medias to promote their brands on mobile web. But in most cases, these opportunities will require companies to rethink, re engineer and redeploy the mobile version of their websites.

The mobile web usage growth in the market is growing very fast, due to the increase of smart phone and i phone sales. The smart phones will dominate the sales of PC in 2012, smart phone market will absorb the full market of PC in 2012. A research study in U.S reveals the smart phone penetration in the U.S, it was 16% in 2009 and it will reach to 25% in this year. According to study reports the U.S internet mobile users have grown from 50.9 million (16.7% of population) in 2008 to 68.6 million (23.3%) in 2009 and 85.5 million user (27.6% ) in 2010. This number will be projected to grow to 101.1 million ( 32.3%) in this year.

With the dramatic increase of mobile internet usage and smart phone sales, the mobile web will be key for the marketers future. Thus mobile web will give many opportunities for the marketers to promote their brands and services.

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