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US Customs Found 1,150 pounds of Marijuana Hidden Inside Furniture

Everyday one or the other story will be in light about the marijuana possession and smuggling. The more the cops are alert, the higher the cases they are able to book everyday. It is shocking to imagine the situation when all the seized pot enters the market and how it will spoil the healths of many people.

Another such incident happened in the San Ysidro border, where the US customs and the Border Protection arrested a 24 year old US citizen and seized 1150 pounds of marijuana which was hidden inside the furniture.

The officials are estimating that the market value of the seized marijuana is nearly $700,000. They also seized the furniture in which the pot was hidden for smuggling which includes a sofa, chair, china cabinet and bedroom furniture in which 126 packets were hidden. The officers also seized the truck which carried all the furniture.

The same day the sailors from the amphibious transport dock ship New Orleans also recovered
bundles of marijuana (nearly 1,800 pounds of marijuana) which is floating on the coast of San Diego. The Coast guards gave a call to the San Diego based ship which was on training exercise, about the smugglers who were dumping bundles overboard. Finally the Mexican navy arrested several men who are involved in this trafficking.

Not only this, there are many cases which are being found every day related to marijuana possession and trafficking. People involve in huge drug rackets intentionally drag many innocent people to sell these drugs, by offering them huge amount of money. Strict laws should be implemented even for small drug possessions, which help in controlling the situation.

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