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Five Ways to Get Real and Consistent Savings on Fuel Pump

Fuel prices for cars or any other vehicles are rising and rising in these days. If you do some simple things, you can save money at fuel pump. Here are the tips for getting real and consistent savings at fuel pump and help you to move your car go further.

1) Opt the maintenance procedures mentioned in car’s manual: Always make sure that, your car tires are inflated with proper pressure as mentioned in the car’s manual guide. This is the most economical way to save fuel. Use recommended grade motor oil for saving fuel in your car.

2) Remove unnecessary things: If you don’t need certain things which you are carrying in a car then you remove those things. Unnecessary things in a car increases greater fuel consumption. So remove unnecessary things and work or move towards fuel efficiency.

3) Driving habits: Based on the driving speeds, your car uses fuel. If you drive above 50 mph range, your vehicle needs more fuel. If you drive at normal speed, your car uses less fuel. To improve your gas mileage, try to drive at normal speeds. Even starting and stopping your vehicle continuously increases stress on the engine and utilizes more oil.

4) Install technology stuff: You can use technology devices like GPS tracking units in a car to go to the required place in the most efficient way.

5) Stop vehicle at traffic jams: If you think that your stand at traffic signal or in traffic jam takes more than 3 minutes, it is better to switch off your vehicle engine. In this way, you can save fuel.

These five tips will help you save a lot of fuel.

Updated: February 15, 2016 — 1:01 am

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