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What Should be Monitored on a Website?

If you have your own website and have set up a business on the World Wide Web, you must be aware of website-monitoring. Gathering statistical information about the website helps you to be successful in the Internet market. Some things that are to be monitored are:

Website Uptime: Monitoring the availability of a website is an important part in website-monitoring. The uptime of important web pages must be constantly checked.

Website Traffic: Constantly monitoring the number of visitors on a website helps assess the load a website can withstand. You can also see the pages which are visited mostly and how long people stay on a particular page.

Web Server’s free disk space: The log files, database entries, photo and video upload generate a lot of data on the web servers. In order to avoid loss of data and errors, monitoring free disk space is essential.Uptime monitoring

Page speed and page load time: It is important to measure how much time it takes to load a page in a web browser.

Performance of website: The uptime and downtime of a website must be monitored to ensure that the website’s performance is good.

Website load support: Regularly perform stress test on your website and compare with the number of visitors on your website at peak times. If more number of visitors access at any given point the website cannot tolerate the load and considerably slows down the website.

In addition to monitoring the websites automatically, the websites must be viewed manually by owners to check for spelling mistakes, outdated content and an overall website quality.

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