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Get to Know the Different Types of Website-monitoring

check website statusThe reason for having website monitoring is to make sure that the website is available, works properly and does not goes down. It also maintains the interaction between a website and an end user. The website should be 24/7 available and enable world wide access.

There are two types of monitoring. They are as follows:

Internal or inside monitoring: This type of monitoring measures the performance of a website from security perspective. It protects the website’s network from unauthorized access. Internal monitoring protects against threats from the Internet. Inside monitoring is performed using special hardware appliances which enable to determine if your internal applications performance is slow.

External or outside monitoring: This type of monitoring deals with performance of websites. This is also known as end user monitoring.

Synthetic monitoring/active monitoring:
This is a type of monitoring dealing with behavior of the user or navigation through a website. It often monitors paths with great traffic and business processes. Behavioral scripts are created to monitor the paths that an end user navigates on a site at specified intervals for performance such as availability, functionality and response time of a website.

Passive monitoring/ real monitoring: In this type of monitoring, the traffic is captured from a network by generating a copy of that traffic often called as mirror traffic. This is also known as real user monitoring. This technique captures the session of the website and the errors that occurred on the site during the session, for monitoring purpose.

Monitoring from different aspects ensures that servers, websites and databases are always live and secure. Website monitoring allows the businesses to know what actions visitors are doing and how it responds. Various tools are available that automatically check the site’s availability and security.

Updated: June 17, 2014 — 4:52 am

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