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Factors that Will Affect a Home Buyers Decision?

Whenever a buyer wants to buy a house, he will have a list of the things that should be there and that should not be there. If the homeowners are unable to display any of his basic requirements, then the buyer may not be interested to see your home.

Below are some of the factors that will affect most of the buyers purchasing decision:

  • House Condition: A well-maintained house will attract the buyers. If a house which is not maintained well and looks messy, it diverts the buyers mind towards clutter and repairs and he will not concentrate on the functionality of your home. So, be careful while displaying your home to the buyers. You make sure that everything in the house such as lighting, windows, air, furniture, floors, bathrooms, living areas, bed room conditions are in good condition and are functioning properly. Buyers will notice all these things and start comparing the price you have offered and the estimated amount for the house.
  • Layout of home: Buyers will look at each and every part of your home, and sees if the rooms, house plan, outdoor space, etc., all are fully functional or not.
  • Market: Suppose if there is a slow market in the real estate industry then it is a buyers market. Buyers can get any kind of homes (even the good conditioned ones) according to their values.
  • Location: Location also plays an important role in influencing the buyer. A house located in a good locality fetches good price. However, when selling the property, mention the surrounding areas (schools, colleges, restaurants, tourist places, transportation etc,.) that are famous to attract the buyers
  • Price: If the price of the home is too high, then the buyers will definitely go back because they cannot afford it. If the price is reasonable and not so high then buyers can add some amount and they will purchase.
  • Seller emergency: Suppose if a seller is in emergency as he is shifting to another place, he may sell the house for lesser price.

Based on the above factors, the buyers will decide and purchase the home.

Updated: December 27, 2013 — 7:06 am

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