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Six Mistakes You Make When Buying Hurricane Travel Insurance?

As summer season approaches, travelers make their vacation plans but it’s the time to think about hurricanes. Many travelers in this season founded themselves or realized that they stuck or had to spend more money on because they made mistakes in buying travel insurance policies.

In little cases, some travelers didn’t have any travel insurance. Even the travelers who are having travel insurance policy they didn’t understand their policy coverage.

Below are some of the most common mistakes travelers make when buying hurricane travel insurance.

  • Even after knowing the hurricanes occurred, some peoples purchase travel insurance. If you buy like this, travel insurance will not cover for the known incidents. Example for this is buying a home insurance after the house is on fire. Once the hurricane is titled or declared, it’s a known event. Therefore travelers must purchase the travel insurance before the hurricane is named.
  • Some people cancel their trips because of a Hurricane warnings but these are not covered by the travel insurance because a hurricane warning is just that a warning that a hurricane may hit a particular destination with a particular force.
  • Most travelers assume that their travel insurance plan included hurricane coverage but it’s not the case. For trip cancellation and post-departure trip cancellation in case of hurricanes, then your travel agency should specifically list hurricanes.
  • If a hurricane is disrupted you and your cruise departs without you then travel insurance doesn’t covers for it.
  • Most people ignore the plan’s exclusion.
  • Many people buy this plan through travel agent and cruise line but it’s not the correct one.

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