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How to Improve The Longevity of The Car Engine

In today’s market a little preventive maintenance can pay more dividends in long run. To improve the longevity of your car engine you need to follow the tips written below.

Change The Oil Frequently
The first and the important thing to ensure that your car engine lasts for long life is to change the oil frequently. Because using the incorrect oil may decrease your car mileage and also can ruin your car engine. So use correct oil to improve the longevity of your car. For this you need to follow the motor guide provided by the company. Many of the manufacturing companies recommend you to change the oil for every 6,000 miles. The best way to ensure that your car engine is healthy is to change the oil for every 3,000 miles, because the engine wears particles and debris that does not promote engine to be healthy or function well for long life.

Drive Safely
The engine runs the way you drive if you drive safely then your engine will work for long life or else the speed, spinning of a car tires, quick starts and stops will put a tremendous strain on your car engine that leads to high engine operating temperature. So drive slowly to ensure that your engine work for long life.

Frequently Service Air Filter
It is necessary to air inspect your car engine for every oil change and replace it when necessary. This will ensures that your engine will healthy and functioning well and longevity of your car engine by frequently keeping your car engine air filter serviced and clean.

Run Your Auto Engine Cool
It is important to drive on normal temperature for longevity of your car engine. If you drive in heavy temperature then the excess of heat leads to degradation of engine coolant and engine oil that leads to engine failure or damage in short term. For longevity of your car engine you should regularly service your car engine coolant system that should include hoses, belts, radiator and water pump. Also keep an eye on leakages inside your car engine. If you found any one then it is better if you fix them as soon as possible.

Help Engine to Breath Properly
It is a better idea to help your engine to breath properly, because if your engine breaths properly it not only improve longevity but also give more fuel efficient.

Updated: March 20, 2015 — 2:38 am

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