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Sticking to Healthy Habits With the Help of Yoga

In most people addiction to harmful, unhealthy habits, starts with fun. They just start them for the time being and unknowingly they get addicted to them. At one time even though they feel like staying away from them, they cannot do it. They literally struggle to come out of such situation but eventually a very few people with strong determination go successful in giving up the habits and in leading a happy life. Here we are going to discuss simple but effective technique which could help you to come out of such things with a little effort.

Yoga – one of the ancient forms of physical and mental practice is known to produce effective benefits with effortless techniques. Yoga includes different postures and various breathing techniques which help people practice to become fit- physically and mentally. For now let us discuss the mental and emotional benefits of practicing yoga.

Yoga is known as an effective stress reduction and relaxation tool. The breathing techniques involved in yoga produce a meditative and soothing state of mind. In the beginning, yoga practitioners may feel it difficult to practice and adopt such kind of techniques, but within a short period they can get used to it and hence enjoy the maximum benefits.

Particular poses like Setu Bandasana (bridge pose), Chakrasana (wheel pose), Utrasana (camel pose), and fish pose are specially designed to achieve mental strength. Though these poses sound and look physical, the effect of these asanas can be clearly seen on the emotional body. They give emotional strength to balance the emotions, and also helps in regulating the moods. In short they help us keep mind in our control. In such a state, our mind will listen to whatever we say and the habits and behaviors which we used to have in the past will never bother us.

Different poses also create soothing effects on the nerves, and thus help in controlling emotional behaviors like anger, short temper, anxiety, depression, etc. So, by regular practice of yoga one can find easily leave those bad habits and can lead a healthy and controlled lifestyle.

Updated: December 27, 2013 — 7:11 am

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