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Light Up Toys – Good Choice as Gifts for Children of All Ages

The brightness and the flashing nature associated with the light-up toys impress the kids greatly. They are not only attractive to look at, but can engage the kids in various tricks and treats. These toys can be a safe and attractive ways of entertainment to kids. And they also make your child’s face glow with happiness.

Let us know what actually these light up toys are, how they work and what actually makes them the best gift choices for kids.

What are light up toys: Unlike glow sticks which work with chemicals, these light-up toys are LED empowered and thus work with batteries. They are easy to activate, handle and do not emit heat while emitting light. They have various lighting modes such as strobe, steady on, left to right, right to left, etc. that are not usually seen in glow sticks. The batteries have to be recharged or replaced depending on the usage.

Different varieties: There are different light up toys available in the market. Few of them are flashing pacifiers, crystal star necklaces, bubble guns, ball spinners, fairy wands, tambourines, mouth pieces, eye glasses, etc. All these toys are available in different shapes, colors and varieties. What makes these light-up toys even more appealing is the presence of different lighting options – solid single colors or solid rainbow colors or blink. Kids have a great time playing with these wide assortments of light up toys.

Can be gifted at various events: These toys act as interesting party favors for kids. Though birthday parties are obvious occasions for gifting these toys to kids, other events such as St. Patrick’s Day celebration, fireworks shows, Halloween, school events, fund raising events, games, carnivals, dance shows, etc., are also best suitable. Since, all the above events need these toys to be distributed in large numbers, they can be bought in bulk at wholesale prices from a reputed online retailer.

Factors that affect longevity of light up toys: Though light up toys are good lighting sources, the durability of the light emitted by them is limited. The flashing longevity of a light up toy is dependent mainly on 4 factors – number of LED’s present inside the toys (the more the number of LED’s, the lesser is the longevity), color of LED’s (the battery consumption is more for purple and white LED’s, and it is less for orange, yellow and red LED’s), type of battery used (alkaline or heavy duty) and the presence of motor (some toys require motor to spin LED’s at high speed to create amazing light effects, which requires motor powered by higher quality of alkaline batteries). Apart from the above factors, the usage of the toys too effect the durability. Further, since, these toys do not emit much heat, they glow for long time.

Kids just can’t take off their eyes from these beautiful flashing toys. Hence, nothing can be a good choice than light up toys to gift children to make their mood cheerful.

Updated: July 10, 2013 — 5:14 am

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