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Symptoms Due to Vitamin-B2 Deficiency

These is also called as deficiency in Riboflavin. It is important for body growth and production of red blood cells which helps in releasing energy from carbon dioxide. Mostly older people and alcoholics may be risk at riboflavin because of poor diet. People are at great risk with this deficiency include individuals with kidney diseases, individuals with absorption problems, womens who are pregnant with more than one fetus, women breast feeding more than one infant, people with other vitamin deficiencies and protein energy malnutrition. Also in addition to that people with chronic diseases like cancer, heart diseases, and diabetics.

It may cause usually in combination with Deficiency of other B complex vitamins, because flavor proteins are also involved in the metabolism of other B complex vitamins. These vitamin may causes ariboflavinosis, acne, etc.

Symptoms for Vitamin- B2 Deficiency:
The symptoms of severe deficiency of these vitamin are: skin disorders, sore throat, swelling of mucus membrane, mouth or lip sores, and anemia. There is no poisoning from these deficiency because it is water soluble, the left over amount leaves the body through the urine. Some other symptoms of deficiency in riboflavin includes fatigue, slowed growth, digestive problems, cracks on corners of mouth, sensitivity to light etc.

Health Issues for Vitamin- B2 Deficiency:
It tends to create health issues like, Heart diseases, cancer, cataracts, migraine, vaginitis, rosacea, carpal tunnel syndrome etc.

Sources for Vitamin- B2 Deficiency:
The food sources for deficiency of vitamin B2 are as follows: The excellent food sources include crimi mushrooms, and spinach. Others are, ready made food like bread and cereals are fortified with vitamin B2 but the food which contains these vitamin should not be stored in containers which exposed to light because it destroys by such exposure. Some other food sources which contain these vitamin are: eggs, green leafy vegetables, lean meat, legumes, diary products, milk and nuts etc.

Updated: July 19, 2013 — 5:24 am

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