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Know the Importance of Monitoring Equipment

Monitoring equipment are used to monitor health condition of the patients from time to time. It is very essential in cases of heart patients, diabetic patients and also others having serious health issues.

Monitoring is the second stage of disease treatment. It is the continuous observation of a patients health. They can be equipment, tests performed and also reagents or markers used.

Some of the monitoring equipment include:
Cardiac monitors – They are used for checking the heart patients heart beat, patients who have undergone bypass surgeries, etc. It will continuously create a graph showing heart beat known as cardiogram. It also checks whether there is increase or decrease in blood pressure.

Hemodynamic monitors – They are used to check blood pressure, blood flow from heart to different organs and used for hypertension patients.

Respiratory monitors – They are used to assess the condition of respiratory system, especially lungs. They include:

  • Pulse oximetry – It is used to check the levels of oxygen supply to lungs. If sufficient amount is not supplied, it leads to suffocation.
  • Capnography – They are used to monitor co2 levels. Excess co2 is harmful, reduces oxygen supply, and creates breathing problems.

Monitors used for nerve related conditions – ECG monitors are the equipment used in this context. Patients suffering from nerve disorders are monitored with these equipment. They are used to monitor any clot formations in the brain, whether tumors are eliminated or formed even after undergoing surgeries.

Blood glucose monitors – Used to check levels of insulin hormones in case of diabetic patients to regulate normal glucose levels.

Body temperature monitors – Thermometers to check whether the patient is having fever.

Why to use monitors
Name itself indicates its importance, a keen observation of health condition is required continuously while treatment is in process.

For example, if a heart patient has undergone surgery, his condition has to be reported time to time to doctors to check any alterations took place leading to another health issue.

They not only monitor but also tell about the level of risk, for instance say diabetic patients have to undergo regular check up of their sugar levels , otherwise it leads to kidney failures.

Child birth monitors are also available in the market which will say about fetus development, condition of the baby inside, etc.

Monitors help in treating a health related problem effectively by providing status of the health condition. Monitors are used by many multi-speciality hospitals, and are also suggested to some patients who prefer to have treatment at home.

Updated: December 4, 2015 — 6:15 am

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