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Challenges in Recruiting Process

Attracting and hiring top talent is the essential part of recruitment process for a business. For this, the professionals play an important role in the organization. Formulating strategies for recruitment is one of the responsibilities of h r professionals. Despite many technological advances and changing trends, human resource professionals face some challenges. In this article, we will discuss the challenges that organizations encounter in recruitment process.

Following are the challenges met in the process of recruitment.

  • To find top talent: Hiring the right people for the job is essential when running a business. Finding top talent is a major challenge for any company. It is futile and involves wasting time in interviewing a large number of candidates who are not fit for the job. Targeting the candidates with right educational qualifications, skills and experience, attitude to work in your organization efficiently is important.
  • To create opportunities: In old days, when a senior retired, other employee took over the position. But due to some recession and final crisis, many are postponing their retirement, which led to slower business expansion and few opportunities. Thus, human resource department faces challenges in creating opportunities for their valuable employees.
  • New technology: Two types of new technologies pose challenges to recruitment process:
    • Applicant tracking system: This has become main solution for all types of recruitment and tracking needs such as compliance tracking, talent networks, candidate relationship management, etc. Before the coming of technology, the process of recruitment was different. It involved many technologies.
    • Recruitment marketing platform: This is to reach potential candidates and the use of analytics to determine what actually attracts people and what not. Recruitment process has become a marketing aspect that utilizes tools like SEO, social media, email etc. for marketing open positions as an employer.
  • To market the position: When attracting talented and skilled candidates, human resource professionals should sell the benefits of the company to their potential workers. Human resource professionals must have knowledge about the advance opportunities, working conditions and benefits in the company for marketing employment with the company to potential workers.
  • Legal challenges: When hiring candidates, human resource professionals should make sure to know about hiring laws and other government guidelines for making the company in compliance with all regulations and laws.

These challenges might make recruitment process hard unless you have enough resources to bear the expenses that might accrue to you. Having plan for the purpose helps you by streamlining the entire process in a definite sequence.

Updated: November 18, 2013 — 7:41 am

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