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Challenges Faced by HR Professionals

Professionals who handle the process of recruitment face many challenges. The biggest test they face is to recruit the candidate that is best suited for the job profile and eligible for the vacancies in the organization. Many challenges have to be faced by these professionals to find out the best candidates.

Following are the challenges faced by HR professionals:

  • Adapting to globalization: HR professionals should be updated on the changing time and changing patterns. They are expected to keep a track of these changes. Timeliness of the process should be maintained by these professionals.
  • Lack of encouragement and motivation: Whatever is the result of the recruitment, it is considered as a thankless job. Even if the organization receives effective results from the HR professionals, they are not thanked or encouraged for recruiting right person for the job.
  • Process analysis: In recruitment process, speed and immediateness are the concerns of HR professionals. For good results, the recruitment process should be adaptive, responsive and flexible. It must also be cost effective.
  • Sourcing top talent: Shortage of talent in technical fields can be pressurizing for the employees for the opportunities coming their way. Providing them with extra training, broadening their search, etc., are some strategies that HR professionals needs to put in the place to overcome shortage of skills.
  • Strategy in prioritization: It is an opportunity and also a challenge for the HR professionals to meet the new systems the are emerging in the market today and to review and prioritize the tasks that are required.
  • Sourcing unique roles: In small and large organizations the HR professionals face big challenge when hiring senior and unique candidates. The need to be very careful in selecting these candidates because these candidates will play a major role in the organization.
  • To maintain a balancing act: Balancing the workforce can be the biggest challenge for the HR professionals. They must know balancing various pools of talents thereby creating cohesiveness, as it will your group work more effectively.

In addition to these challenges there are many more challenges that are faced by HR professionals. For them everyday is a new challenge and a learning opportunity.

Updated: November 4, 2013 — 7:03 am

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