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Energy Management Plays an Important Role in Your Productivity

Working at high energy level leads higher amount and better quality of output. Therefore, it is important to maintain your energy level at optimal level. Along with these positive results, it helps you execute your daily chores.

Energy is the capacity to do work. Many people put in longer working hours, which takes a toll on their physical, mental and emotional health. A key for being more productive is the ability to manage our energy we have. Effective energy management creates more energy.

According to the research by Mercer and the Center for Effective Organizations (CEO) at the California indicates that employee energy levels directly tie to growth, productivity and financial performance.

Why energy management is important for being productive?

  • Time management and organization at workplace do play a role, but it is your ability to manage energy that makes a difference.
  • It is important to maintain energy as it helps in improving your ability to focus on your mind. When energy levels are up, your productivity will be more and will work consistently, which results in better performance.
  • With low levels of energy, you will feel exhausted, drained out thus making difficult and sometimes impossible for giving another ounce of attention to any important task.
  • Physical, emotional, mental and social are different energy dimensions.
    • Physical energy: The process starts with physical level as the human’s body is a fundamental source of energy. According to sports science research, the key to improve physical strength is the phenomenon known as supercompensation, which essentially is the creation of balanced work ratios. For instance, in weightlifting you put a lot of stress on muscles that may breakdown at one point. However, once they start recovering, they not only get healed but also grow stronger.
    • Mental energy: It enables you to do high quality work.
    • Emotional energy: You will not get emotionally disturbed and affected by what people think and say about you.
    • Social energy: Social energy is needed for stimulation and interaction with people. It comes from socializing and spending time with people.
  • Strive to increase your endurance and strength. Endurance can be defined as an ability for maintaining energy levels for longer and strength is your ability for sustaining a short burst of energy.
  • Regularly, your body tell you to take a break, but you often overlook these signals and tend to fill ourselves with caffeine. Working endlessly without a break can make you feel tired, sleepy and exhausted.

Working hours in a day can’t be increased to produce more output. You need to manage energy efficiently to enhance your productivity. This is because like time, energy is finite, but unlike time energy is renewable.

Updated: February 6, 2014 — 12:46 am

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