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Get to Know Head Up Display (HUD) Technology in Automobiles

Driving is a skilled job. However, when doing the job you need to make sure of where you are going. For this, you should be able to clearly the road ahead. It might not be easy to steer clear your vehicle in an inclement whether rainy, foggy, or snowy. The advent of head up display (HUD) technology has made the job easy.

HUD technology ensures safety of the driver. This technology is an essential part in fighter jet planes. They use this technology to to know the altitude and speed and target a system just in front of the cockpit canopy. This article discusses this technology briefly.

How HUD technology works
The most important function while driving a car/vehicle is to enable the driver to see and where you are going. The HUD system is a transparent display that presents data without obstructing the drivers view.

Imagine your traveling to a new place/city where you don’t know the route and you feel difficult in using the GPS system. You need to take a turn which you past away by driving blindly or in fog.

To avoid these problems, HUD system comes as a boon. It projects the information and tells you where to turn. It identifies how close the car in front of you, and notifies you of the lane you are traveling and shows the way where to turn. It gathers all the information and projects in front of the wind shield. Due to this, you can focus fully on the HUD system and can avoid the need to see the GPS display screen.

You can see the projection of all the information through a laser beam projected on the wind shield. When the laser is off, you wont see anything, but when it’s on, you can see the information is projected on the wind shield.

This technology is used not only seen in high-end vehicle but in low end vehicles as well. In the years to come, we can see this type of technology in all the vehicles. This system also displays even the road hazards.

Advantages of HUD system
The advantage is its location. Data are projected on the wind shield so that it won’t distract the driver’s attention as dashboard controls do.

Eyes refocus much faster on the projected display that is 15 feet away in front of you.
All the information is gathered and projected in front of the wind shield. So, there is no need of observing the GPS system on the dashboard.
HUD technology is an important feature in modern automobiles, it boosts drivers’ and passengers’ safety and ease while reaching their destinations.

Updated: February 15, 2016 — 1:00 am

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