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Maximizing Your Vehicle’s Fuel Economy

Are you able to get most out of each drop of fuel when driving your car? Driving and taking care of your vehicle has huge impact on fuel economy. Here are some tips that will help you maximize your vehicle’s fuel economy.

Tips for maximizing vehicle’s fuel economy
Following are some tips for maximizing Vehicle’s fuel economy:

1) Keeping your vehicle well tuned
For maximizing your vehicle’s life and for improving fuel efficiency, simple maintenance like changing oil regularly, changing filters etc is essential. You just need to follow the schedule in owners manual.

2) Keeping the tires properly inflated
By keeping the tires properly inflated, you are able to improve your gas mileage. The most of the vehicle’s energy is wasted when your car has improper inflated tires. Following are rules that help you in getting most of your tires:

  • Check the tires when the weather or season changes, as tires expand and contract depending on the weather.
  • Do not overinflate your tires, doing so is as bad as under inflating. Check in the car’s manual or sticker on the side door of the driver for appropriate tire pressure.

3) Avoiding traffic areas
Nothing is more destructive than traffic than car’s efficiency. It is good idea to stay away from the traffic areas. Moreover, traffic areas will make you to crawl at low speed. This will not only burn more fuel but also can cause overheating and breakdowns.

4) Changing/cleaning air filters
One of the easiest ways of ensuring the vehicle’s top efficiency is changing/cleaning filters. Filters should be replaced every 4-6 months depending on the area you stay. Areas that are dusty require more frequent changing. There are many filters made of cloth instead of paper that allows more airflow and also are reusable. Increased airflow means more fuel efficiency. These filters are little pricy but are worth in the long run.

5) Keeping track of your vehicle’s fuel economy
Dropping of your vehicle’s fuel economy is a sign of engine problem. It is a sensible idea of keeping a track about the fuel economy simply by observing the odometer reading, the number of gallons purchased each time you fill. For calculating the gas mileage, number of miles traveled between the fill ups should be divided by the number of gallons purchased. Thus, seeing how fuel efficiency is impacted by your driving habits.

Following these tips helps you improve your car’s fuel economy.

Updated: December 4, 2015 — 6:40 am

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