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Understanding Rich Media

Rich media is also known as Interactive media. It refers to products or services on computer based systems which respond to the actions of the user by presenting the content like games, audio, video, animation, graphics, text, etc. The ads based on the rich media contain video or images for user interaction.

  • How it works?: An advertiser by using the partner tools or processes creates the campaign and can directly book in their hosted system. A rich media ad is used if it satisfies the filtering, targeting criteria, and device constraints. It can return the best financial return on investment. As per the experience delivered to the user, rich media partner provides a report to the advertiser.
  • What can you do with a rich media ad?: There are so many things you can do with rich media ads. Some of them are you can use high quality images, you can stream multiple videos in HD format or in standard format, You can record your own video with a webcam and it can share, you can tweet from the ad, post images videos and images in the social media websites, you can collect the information of the users and can save it in the database, you can make your ad to play in 3D multiplayer game by using different interactive servers and many more. It really depends on the creativeness of the ad developer and the concept of the ad.
  • Flash vs Rich Media: There is difference between standard flash ads and rich media ads. With the standard ads you need to meet some requirements to create the ads. Those are the flash ad should be a single SWF file with some size limit probably below 40K, it contains no expansion or video, and the tracking should be single click through. To build a rich media you must satisfy one or more of the conditions. Those are a rich media ad should exceeds some size probably 40K, need multiple SWFs to function, some files be politely loaded, it contains video, expands, requires timer tracking or counter, and contains other special features such as gallery, send to a friend, polling etc.

Text ads facilitate to sell with words, and display ads facilitates with pictures. But the rich media ads are little different from them, these offer more ways to interact the audience with the ad. These ads can peel down, float, expand etc. The advertiser can access the audience behavior’s aggregated metrics including video completions, multiple exits, and number of expansions. For rich media, create specific assets such as optimized imagery and properly sized video to make your ad campaign more effective.

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