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Causes for Car Vibration

Using a vehicle for a long period will automatically cause problems. These will happen even you are caring them very carefully. Vibration in the vehicle is one of such problem which is most bothersome and most common for a vehicle in its long run. The vibrations of the car can be either costly because of problems with suspension, or steering, or relatively cheap like a tire balance or rotation. Diagnosing the car troubles may hassle to you in the early stages, but it will help you to save from bigger repair bills. In this article, we will see some of the main reasons that causes vibrations to your car.

  • Car-tires: For the car’s moving vibrations, tires are so frequently the source. There are so many ways that the tires can cause the vibration for your car. Most commonly, the cause with the tires are, when the tires roll unevenly and out of round requires replacement of tires, if there is an uneven tire wear needs tire rotation, if the tread is separated need to go for tire replacement, and the car is vibrating at some certain speeds it indicates the requirement of tire balance. Sometimes, the vibrations can also be because of wrapped wheels. Sloppy roads and the potholes can be hazardous to your vehicle’s wheels.
  • Wheels: The car wheels may suffer from wobbliness or excessive play at the hub itself. The solution for this problem might replacing the bearings of the wheels. In most modern cars or trucks or any other vehicles, bearings replacement of the wheels means last that vehicle’s life. Another thing to look at the wheels is runout. Runout is the word to describe for the wheel deviation from the circular rotation while it is spinning. To determine this, wheel technicians use the precision instruments. Most of the times but not every time, the solution for this is a new wheel. If the ball joints or the tie rod wears out at certain driving speeds, it will cause the vibrations.
  • Brakes: If the vibrations happen when you apply the brakes, there is a possibility for wrapped brake rotor(s). In the disc brake system, there is a silver disc shaped component called rotor. Because of heavy tear and wear, the rotor can bent out of its shape. Instead of uniformly flat, the disc at some places lowered and raised on its surface. The brake pads and the calipers which squeeze the rotors to stop the vehicle can not get proper grip and will cause for vibration.
  • Axle: It is easy to bent an axle in a collision or other mishap. If it is bent, the axle will create jostle while riding. When you increase the speed of your vehicle, vibrating can cause.

If the engine is not getting sufficient spark, fuel or air that needs to run smoothly will cause the shudder or shake. If you are not able to find the problem where it is exactly, check with a professional mechanic.

Updated: March 20, 2015 — 3:10 am

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