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Dental Implants, Bridges & Crowns

If you want to replace teeth that are missing, dental implants and bridges are the methods to replace missing teeth. You can go for dental crowns if you have decayed tooth and have a root canal and large filling. Crowns support the weak teeth.

Dental Implants:
Dental implants are the metallic surgical devices used to replace the missing teeth. Dental implants are preferable as they resembles natural teeth. This is suitable for candidates having enough jaw bone density.

What type of materials are used as implants?
Implants are made up of materials like metal (titanium, vitallium), ceramic, polymeric or carbon compounds.

How implants are placed?
First, the dentist examines the missing tooth area and checks whether you are suitable for implants. Local anesthesia is given to anesthetize the area. An incision is made where an implant is to be placed and gum tissue is pulled back. Then, a serial drilling is done to expand the area and the implant is placed and a screw is placed and gum tissue pulled back to cover the implant. Finally, a healing abutment is placed to protect the implant.

Candidate with one or more missing teeth can be replaced with dental bridges. Dental bridges fill the gap created by the missing teeth and by getting attached to the adjacent teeth.

What materials are used in dental bridges?
Materials used in dental bridges are porcelain, resin bonded are used for filling gap between the teeth.

How bridges are placed?
The Bridges fill the gap between the teeth created by the missing teeth. It fills the gap by a filling material called pontic. It is attached to the crown. The adjacent teeth gives support to the bridge called abutment.

Dental crowns
Dental crowns are cap like structures that protect the decayed tooth. It is placed on the top of the a repaired tooth, large filling or implant and resembles natural teeth.

In which cases are dental crowns placed?
Dental crowns are placed in the following

  • To cover an implant.
  • To protect the decayed tooth
  • To hold dental bridges
  • To cover the discolored tooth
  • To cover teeth had root canal

What materials used in crowns?
Porcelain, ceramic, gold and acrylic materials are used for preparing crowns.

How dental crowns are placed?

  • Dental crowns are the caps that are placed on the top of the tooth to cover it.
  • Initially local anesthesia is given to anesthetize the area.
  • Filling or implant is placed on the missing tooth or decayed tooth is prepared for placing crown.
  • Then dentist takes impressions of teeth and send to lab to prepare crown.
  • Once the crown is prepared, the dentist places the crown on the top of the tooth and matches with the remaining teeth color.
  • If the color of the cap matches with the remaining teeth, it is cemented to fix permanently.
  • This cap looks similar to natural teeth.

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