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Get to Know a Hatchback

A Hatch back is a car with a rear door which opens upwards. Some cars have a foldable second row of seats to include more cargo space.

1) Three-door – This car has a compact body with two doors on the sides and a rear door. An example is Audi A3.

2) Five-door – four doors on the sides and a rear door. More preferred due to space.

3) Two-box or three-box design: This is another method of classification. According to the car design, the body can be divided into engine, passenger and cargo. The hatch back either has a two box design or a three-box design. In the two box design, both the luggage and the second row of seats are accommodated in the second box. But in a three box design, the third box is entirely meant for luggage (if there is a third row, it can be folded)

Difference between a Sedan and a Hatchback:
Even though the Sedan and the hatchback may look similar, they have a number of differences. Firstly, the sedan is longer than a Hatchback. The sedan has a separate section as the cargo area, while that extra length is simply absent from the hatchback. Te hatchback, however compensates for the loss in cargo area by allowing one to access the space available behind the second row of seats. However, the cargo space is bigger in size in a sedan than in a hatchback. But the advantage in a Hatch back is that the last row of seats can be folded or moved in order to increase the cargo space. That way, even things that are too big for a sedan’s cargo area would fit in.


  • The main advantage is the flexibility of the cargo-space. This is something that a sedan doesn’t have. A fairly huge amount of volume can be made available through adjusting the last row of seats.
  • A SUV and a minivan are better in their own two aspects than a hatchback – performance and space. But the advantage here is that it is compact and less costly than an SUV whereas having almost the same space inside and sturdier and better passenger comfort than a minivan.

Rear end collision could create severe damage.
In certain models, passenger space often have to be negotiated for luggage area.

Purchase: Suitable for luggage or more people, but not both.

Updated: March 20, 2015 — 3:13 am

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