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Latest Utility Features that Cars has to Offer

Today, having vehicles is considered a symbol of leisure and comfort rather than just a means to travel from one place to another. Safety is a priority aspect that has been added for safeguarding the lives of driver and other occupants. The focus has shifted to comfort and leisure of driving. The comfort and luxury levels have increased to a great amount and driving and traveling is not considered a pain any longer. The new technology advents in the electronic industry is a boon to the automobile industry.

Advanced voice recognition and control
Today, the high end automobiles posses advanced voice recognition systems. Now the owners of the cars can do a few things just by conveying the orders to their cars through voice commands. The voice recognition systems are programed to recognize the voice of the owner and use it to authenticate the owner of the vehicle before starting the ignition. This reduces the potential theft of the car. Additionally, the drivers can summon certain functions and control like deploying the head lamps, starting the radio or shuffle the channels through their voice commands. They can also summon vehicles diagnostics if they feel that something is not in the order. They can also perform certain actions like picking up a call on the mobile and sending small text messages.

Advanced power consoles
Today, vehicles are equipped with power consoles. It has become a basic utility feature from a premium feature over a very short time. The power console provides a power socket for charging of devices like mobile phones, mp3 players and laptops on the run.

These consoles derive power from the battery of the car. Apart from power consoles, the recent central consoles provide every control in the reach of the hand from radio player to AC knob. This feature has come as a vital utility to the car owners.

GPS & Wi-Fi
The GPS is a trend feature vastly growing its expanse and is set to cover all the vehicles across the globe irrespective of their size and use. It is a powerful tool that tells the location, speed and time of the position. The technology uses satellite systems to fetch the data and hence are very much reliable though not very much accurate. GPS systems can give your exact location if you feel lost at some instant during your journey. It will guide you with directions to reach your destination. So, now it is very difficult to lose the way. Alternately, these systems can be used by parents and law enforcing agencies to check where the subject is going, their speed levels and their position after some time.

Wi-Fi is provided in some premium cars recently. Not many manufacturers are coming up with this feature but it comes handy feature if anyone wants to access internet over some important work during his journey.

Hot stone massages
This is also an exclusive feature present only in some premium cars. The back rest of the car is provided with many tiny air cavities. When called for a massage, these air pockets inflate and deflate continuously in order to give a hot stone massage to the driver. This helps in relieving the driver from the pain of long journeys and sitting continuously for long hours.

The luxury and comfort of a drive
Driving and long drives are a matter of comfort and luxury with so many features serving the driver and other occupants while they are on move. It is worth the value for the fortune one invests in getting the features and the car home. All these features in the cars have made driving a leisurely and comfortable experience.

Updated: February 15, 2016 — 12:59 am

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