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How Dental Health and Heart are Connected

Connection between the teeth and the heart and how teeth effects heart?
If your teeth are healthy, you will have good health and a healthy heart. If you pay attention towards your dental hygiene automatically you will have a good smile on your face which is related to the heart.

Researches say that several gum diseases may lead to heart disease. If this is the case most of the people facing the oral health problem must also have the heart problems as they don’t care for their teeth and health.

Experts also agree with this because, the heart and teeth have the common problem called as inflammation which is related to the gum diseases. Andnew york dental cleaning some researchers say that 90% of all the diseases, including heart diseases have the symptoms and dentists also go for the oral cheek up if the person is having the heart problems.

Symptoms shown by teeth about the heart

  • If your teeth are having gum disease, then ultimately it leads to heart problem like heart attacks.
  • There is a major chance of getting infected with the gum diseases.
  • Smoking may lead to teeth and heart issues.
  • People with poor nutrition also have the heart and teeth effects.
  • Patients with diabetes.
  • In men the connection is more common.

How to prevent the heart diseases caused by teeth problems?

  • Maintain a healthy mouth by brushing and cleaning the mouth with fluoride contained water
  • Plaque can be reduced to 20% if you rinse your mouth regularly
  • Smoking and chewing tobacco should be avoided.
  • Taking healthy diet and nutrients helps your teeth stay stronger
  • If the person is having the heart problem, then the dentist will advise them to see a cardiologist.
  • Follow the instruction given by your dentist and have a proper medical and dental care
  • Tooth loss is the symptom of the heart disease, therefore it is important to take care of your teeth.

These precautions may avoid the gum diseases which leads to the protection of the heart. This is how you can have your heart healthy by having the oral care.

Studies show that taking the proper dental care will keep your heart healthy and you lead a long life. If followed the above precautions it is good for you as well as your health. So, better to know the connection between the teeth and heart before you go for a dentist or a cardiologist.

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