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Relation Between Event Management and Event Marketing

Event marketing is a way of designing or developing a promotion for an organization, cause or product or service. It is a occasion, display, activity or exhibit. Business and types of events are promoted using this event marketing. This is also called as event creation.

It mainly focuses on face to face interactions, live events, corporate meetings, trade shows, etc.

Relation between event marketing and event management:
Event management needs event marketing in every step to promote the event. There are some events which are designed to convey brand benefits to the audience. Events are created using trade shows and exhibitions to achieve a cost effective communication with all the members of the trade. Some of the sponsored events were also conducted to extend the brand value through may instances and to make them communicate with the audience. Developing of promotional events are also necessary for the event management.

Promotion of business in market:

  • To promote the companies services or products, businesses participate in the trade shows and professional shows and other events through a forum.
  • Some of the events conducted by them helps in maintaining contact with the trade.
  • These trade shows have a major impact on the business and helps them to know the buying process in one location.
  • Through trade shows there is chance of enhancing existing customer relationship, can create awareness regarding new prospects, chance of establishing relationship between vendors and prospects which help them to sale their product on the spot.
  • These trade shows influence the buying process in the industry and this must be pre-promoted.
  • Sponsorship is the other area were you must concentrate which is a part of promoting sales. It is defined as the practice of promoting the company’s brand through events.
  • This method is popular for the medium scale companies which has the corporate communication especially the companies operating based on the consumer markets.
  • It is the variable method of communication and first and foremost commercial activity. This can be used to achieve a variety of objectives.
  • Through promotional events you can promote your business in variety of ways. These events make your business spread effectively among the consumer audience.

The main objective of the trade shows, sponsorships and promotional events is to:

  • Introduce new products in to market
  • Make additional sales
  • Enhance the relationships with existing customers
  • Enhance corporate image of a business
  • Brand awareness
  • Leveraging corporate goodwill, etc

This is the way event marketing and event management are related. Through event marketing, event management gets a promotion in the market.

Updated: November 21, 2014 — 4:22 am

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