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Speaking and Understanding a Foreign Language

Learning a new language is one of the many interesting things a person can do. Besides having a knowledge for a new language, it is fun.

Any language can be broadly classified as basic level and advanced learning. Though it may not follow the conventions, the motive is to make the process easy and understandable to the reader. The basic level of the language is concerned with speaking skills and understanding what you listen. Further ahead in the article, more emphasis will be laid on the learning process

The approach
The first and foremost step in learning a new language is in the form of picking up a language for learning. People have various reasons for picking up a language. Explore your own reasons and come up with a new language you want to learn.

Once you know the language you want to learn, hit the internet and do a little research about the language. Though this is not necessary but it will make your process interesting if you know a little history, backdrop and facts about the language.

Find similar words for everyday used words in that language and start practicing. Pick up the number as per your ability of learning. Focus on ‘cognates’. Cognates are words that are similar in both the languages. You will find a lot of them. Every language has some. Make a list of these words and start practicing. Pick up a new set of words when you are done with the old ones. But keep revising the old ones. You can use different smart phone apps available online. You can also prepare flashcards for the reason. It all depends on person to person. Each one has a different learning method. Put them in use as and when possible.

Now that you are done with the words, come to sentences. Just like words, start from simple sentences of everyday use. Just learning is new enough; try to incorporate them in your everyday use. You just need to make it interesting. You will start picking up simple grammar over the learning process. The learning of grammar should be limited to basics only.

To start using the language and conversing in the language is the key to learn a new language in a fast manner. There must be people around you who may laugh at you or try to demotivate you, but you must stay tough on your stand and should take the criticism sportingly. You need not feel shy and embarrassed.

Now that you have working knowledge of the language, it’s time to hit the internet again. Watch some videos and try to grasp what they are saying and try to pick up their accent. Making a friend online for the purpose is the best way to do this. Interact with him/her on different topics and try to adopt the accent. You will learn the whole process and it will be more fun.

A final note
It is far easy to speak and understand a language than to write and read it. This can be consolidated on the fact that a kid learns to speak first before he can even start reading or writing. Be a kid at heart to learn.

The approach should be logical and systematic. Language is a vast ocean and it is very much possible to get drowned in it lest you find some island. Your goals are your islands. Set them practically so that you do not face frustration in not achieving them.

There may be a lot of entities in the world that may be preventing your advance. But then you have to stay focused and avoid these factors. When you come over your worst fears; it is the moment, victory will embrace you.

Good Luck!!!

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