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Do Dental Cast Gold Fillings Exist Today?

Cast fillings
Cast gold filling is method in dentistry, for restoration of appearance and make the teeth functional.

Cast gold fillings are the dental filling was the practice in vogue for many years and played an important role in the dental fillings. These fillings are used earlier a lot because these were only fillings available for the people those days and many people felt proud to have such type of gold fillings in their mouth but with the invention of latest technologies in dentistry new type of fillings came into into practice.

These fillings are used for inlays, outlays and crowns and are made of gold alloys that is gold mixed with other metals. This filling has many benefits but with a few disadvantages it stood back today and not preferred by most people. Here are the benefits and drawbacks of cast gold fillings.

Do cast fillings benefit patients?

    • These fillings don’t get fractured, or break. This fillings has been used by many people due its strangeness 40 – 50 years ago.


  • More durable than any other fillings today – usually lasts 10-15 years and more if maintained properly.
  • These filling has the capacity to expand according to the teeth structure when they are exposed to cold and hot.
  • Cast gold fillings have smooth surface where there is no chance of accumulating plaque.
  • Gold fillings don’t change its shape or they doesn’t flow.
  • The major benefit of this filling is they don’t corrode over time nor do change color, which is the major drawback of many other fillings.
  • Gold doesn’t release any kind of toxins and they doesn’t contain mercury.


Apart from these advantages, cast gold fillings have some disadvantages that most of the people have when compared to the other fillings today. Some of the drawbacks are:


  • The major drawback is they do not match the color of the teeth of the person who is going to use them. However, this filling can be used in the place where the fillings are not visible.
  • This filling is more expensive compared to the natural tooth colored fillings today.
  • For preparing gold fillings, the dentist requires some skills and techniques.
  • This is not preferred by most of the people.
  • It may create some shock when this gold fillings are placed beside the silver fillings.
  • They don’t give your teeth a natural look and people will know that you have dental problems and so you are having the fillings.
  • This may create sensitivity problems when people eat cold or hot foods.

Dental cast gold filling last for life, besides requiring little maintenance. Therefore, it is a good substitute for other filling materials used in dentistry.

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