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Pinhole Surgical Technique for Gum Recession

This is a treatment given to the patients having problem of gum recession. Gum recession is a symptom of gum disease. The technique was invented by Jhon Chao, D.D.S. Pinhole is the best alternative to gum grafting.

People who need pinhole treatment:

  • The persons with the following problems must be given pinhole treatment:
  • People with gum diseases like gum recession
  • People who follow wrong brushing methods
  • Due to the side effects of medications through which periodontal diseases may increase
  • When there is problem with traditional methods of gum surgery and orthodontic treatments
  • Instead of gum grafting you can use this as good alternative
  • People who need healthy and attractive smile on their face

Benefits of pinhole technique:

  • Best alternative to other gum surgeries
  • Their is no bleeding or swelling after the surgery
  • You can get recovered quickly
  • Many teeth can be treated at once
  • Corrects the gum recession
  • Their won’t be a problem of uncomfortable sutures
  • Long lasting and natural looking

Jhon Chao’s pinhole treatment:
The treatment is painless as only needle is used in the entire treatment. Using this a hole is made on the gum tissue and special instrument is used to loose the gum tissue by expanding it over the gum line. This helps the exposed root structure get covered. For the entire treatment there is no need of sutures, grafts and incisions. Simply adjusting the existing tissue of the patient is enough.

This is entirely different from the traditional method of gum grafting which uses the donor tissue to re-build the gum line. The soft tissue taken from the same person is used in this treatment. Patients feel better after this treatment. This is the way patients get benefited with pinhole technique.

Dental care after treatment:
If patients take proper care after the treatment, it lasts for long time without any side effects. As all dental treatments this may also have some minor complications which can be avoided with proper dental care and dental check up. This treatment is considered as a permanent solution for gum recession or gum diseases.

To avoid damage in the surgical area avoid brushing in that area for few days and don’t brush tooth hard because this may cause pain in the surgical area. Better follow the suggestion given by your dentist for best results after the treatment.

Updated: March 20, 2017 — 3:05 am

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