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Car Safety Technologies for Senior Drivers

Electronic industry has been evolving constantly over the years and the recent revolutionary changes has transformed the automobile domain. The recent automobiles have become very safe compared to their traditional counterparts. The automobiles in the market today comes loaded with extensive safety features. These systems can be in particular, of great help to senior citizens who develop many shortcomings in their driving skills due to their aging.

Safety features
Manufacturers have been working constantly in the direction for making driving more secure and safe. In the process, they have come up with many technologies that ensures the same.

  • Adaptive high beam : Adaptive high beam technology is used for controlling the intensity of high beams in cases when there is enough light on the road or while taking a turn. This saves the other driver round the curve from getting blind suddenly due to high beam of the vehicle leading to a mishap.Water pump repair
  • Night vision and pedestrian technology : Recently, many automobile manufacturers have come up with vehicles equipped with enhanced night vision and pedestrian detection technology. This can be of great help to aged people facing vision impairment problem. They can see better in the dark and the technology also detects pedestrians crossing the roads. Initially the system only alerts the driver but in extreme cases, it can apply brakes automatically. Additionally, nowadays vehicles come equipped with V2I technology that replicates the traffic signs or signals on dashboards or windscreens so that they can identify them clearly.
  • Adaptive cruise control and lane keeping : This feature is of particular help to aged people who has lost their muscle strength over time. Adaptive cruise control automatically modulates the speed of the vehicle in a way that it keeps up with the vehicle in front it and avoids collision. Auto lane keeping feature alerts the driver in case of lane changing and in cases when lane is not visible, it can also project the lane and take corrective actions in some models.
  • Anti collision systems : Anti collision systems in car came as boon for person of any age group but it is of significant help to old age who do fuel pump repair not posses enough muscle reflex capabilities to take actions in fraction of seconds. Anti collision systems alarms the driver of any obstacles in the direction of motion and in extreme cases apply brakes automatically to avert an accident.
  • GPS and auto emergency calling feature : The vehicles that are driven by old age people should be equipped with GPS and emergency calling feature that can pinpoint the location of the car in case of an accident and dial emergency number immediately.

The advent of new safety systems in cars is an outcome of the technological advancement in the field of electronics. The vehicles have become more safe than they were earlier. These safety features are of considerable help to senior citizens who lack physical strength and have deteriorated driving skills. Hence these features can save the lives of old age drivers and others on road and also save a lot of property.

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