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How a Self Parking Car Works

You may find it hard to park your car when you go to busy place: shopping mall, fair, business event, etc. It’s a challenging task to find a suitable place in the parking lot when parking space limited.

However, advancement in technology has facilitated easy car parking. Your car can park itself using this technology. The technology used in self-parking cars can be used for collision avoidance systems and ultimately self-driving. Self-parking cars make parking an easy task.

In this article, we’ll discuss self parking system in your car.

How self parking car works

  • Automakers are coming with new technology for self parking of car.
  • When the driver is in a busy traffic and looking, for a parking spot for parking the car.
  • If the car is equipped with a self parking technology then before attempting to park the car activates the self parking function button which is present on the dashboard.
  • After activating the self parking system, it looks for a suitable place automatically and checks for enough parking space.
  • It will take help of sensors present on the side mirrors of the car to measure the space and compare the available space with the car exterior dimensions.
  • The driver only needs to stop the car adjacent to the other parked car.
  • When the driver shifts in reverse mode, the self parking system takes control over the steering wheel and asks the driver to press the throttle.
  • The self parking system automatically adjusts the steering wheel to get closer to car in the back and stops by itself.
  • The self parking system asks driver to shift in drive and then the system pulls the steering wheel to adjust the position while parking in the parking slot.
  • If the space is more, the car will automatically steers itself into the slot.
  • No more reversing back and forth the system knows if a space is large enough for the car.
  • The self parking system comes with combined acoustic sensors for reversing the car.
  • if you touch the steering wheel or press the brake at any point, the self parking system will cancel the process of parking.
  • Using this technology, you can also reverse the car into perpendicular parking spaces.
  • In some vehicles, instead of warning signals, the car may actually use a real voice system that informs you about the next move the car is going to to make.

Updated: December 4, 2015 — 6:12 am

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