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Labor Laws – Collective and Individual

Labor laws are very important for developing the relationships between the individuals and the organizations. So, the government has divided this law in to two types one is individual laws and the other is collective laws and this laws will show the rules and regulations of each individuals and their organizations. So, would you like to know the differences between the both. Then, read this article. If you are a business owner or an employee of an organization, this article will help you.

As said the labor laws are divided in to two categories one is collective and the other is individual. See the below information for details.

Collective labor laws
Collective labor laws will set the relation between the employee, employer and the unions. The trade unions contains some rules that are to be followed and they are listed below:

  • Trade unions: Trade unions are group of members formed for collective bargaining with their employers. This unions will help in promoting the interests of their union members. This unions of some countries required certain procedures to be followed before they take any action to pursuit their goals. Traded unions will have the following:
    • Strike: This laws indicate or shows, when the strikes are legal and when they are not legal.
    • Picketing: Picketing is a common tactic used to show the presence of strikers during strikes. This has many legal guidelines that are to be followed by the strikers or the member’s of the trade union.
    • Workplace involvement: It involves the coordination of the employers with their employees or the workers to discuss on any issue that arise within the company or organization.

Individual labor laws
This mainly refers to the rights that employees have at their workplace. They include the employment contract between the employer and the employee, minimum wage, working hours, dismissal, discrimination, health and safety etc. Here, the employer should look at the benefits of each individual employee in their organization. These laws are applied for each individual. This laws vary in states, countries and also according to the type of business.

Both the laws should be implemented to protect the rights of employers and employees in the work environment and these are general labor laws that are applicable for all the employees and the organizations. So, before you start a business it is better to consult a attorney to discuss all the legal issues regarding your business and also about the laws that are to be implemented in the workplace as per your state or country.

Updated: October 30, 2015 — 12:48 am

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