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Best cities and top employers to work in California

California’s economy depends on the jobs in technology sector. California has one of the states that have the highest employment rate but a closer view reveals the job growth usually concentrated in the state’s metropolitan centers. In this article, we furnish a few best cities to work and live in along with the largest employers in the state.

Best cities to work in California:

  • Palo Alto: This city remains one of the best places to live in specially for those who are in to digital technology jobs.
  • Dark fiber ring around the city present provides ultra high speed Internet which is about 31 miles. The city Palo Alto has well educated, social minded and politically active population.
  • Berkeley: It was listed among the top ten foodie cities in the year 2013-2014.
    • The town region of the San Francisco bay is a wealth of cultural attraction and home to popular university of California.
  • Santa Clara: It is located in the heart of silicon valley where its economy is driven by Santa Clara university and the technology firms present.
  • San Mateo: San Mateo is located within the high tech Silicon Valley and is known for restaurants and 800 stores.
  • Santa Barbara: The economy is made up with the tourism in Santa Barbara.
    • It is a vibrant place to live in with the beaches from pacific ocean to shopping centers, art venues and micro breweries in historical neighbor hoods.
    • Strong education system and good health care make it more attractive for new residents.
  • Pasadena: It is known for its lush gardens and beautiful architecture and being a home to California Institute of Technology supporting strong science and technology industry.
  • Ventura: The official city name of Ventura is “San Buenaventura” which was known by many of the California motorists for its Ventura free way serving as a community’s major road.
    • It has strong health care system and five college campuses that include Ventura college of law and Ventura college.
  • Sunny vale: Companies like Yahoo!, Fortinet and AMD have head quarters in this city.
    • This part of silicon valley allows energetic and creative thinkers thrive by offering an array of parks, highly trained public safety personnel and theaters.

Top employers in California:

  • Oracle
  • 32nd Naval Station
  • Apple Inc.
  • Ucla health system
  • Nestle USA Inc.
  • Los Angeles County Sheriff Dole food Co
  • United Natural Foods
  • McAfee
  • Washington Hospital
  • Tesla Motors
  • Boston Scientific/Target Therapeutics

Looking at the above information one can easily find out the best places to work and live in California and also the biggest employers with highest employment rate present in and around the city.

Updated: March 19, 2015 — 2:58 am

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