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Applications of Industrial Fans

industrial axial fansIndustrial fans find their applications in many industries. The main purpose of the industrial fans is to maintain the flow of fluid in the industry. Some industries use industrial fans for material handling too. Centrifugal fan is mostly used in material handling applications because of their high pressure capability.

Main purpose of installing industrial fans is:

  • Dedusting
    • Centrifugal fans find more demand in dedusting process. From small fume exhaust installations to heavy duty applications, centrifugal fans have wide applications in dedusting process. Dedusting an industry requires broad variety of fans.
    • Dedusting acts as a pressure type system where dust particles are moved through the fan.
    • It also acts as depression type system, where particles are eliminated through a simple kiln with fan placed on top of cyclone.
    • In Dedusting process, industrial fans are used along with filters containing segments inside it to remove airborne particles.

 Industrial Applications:

  • Chemical industry
    • Heavy duty fans are used in chemical industry to exhaust corrosive, high temperature or hazardous gasses from the process.
    • Fans located in chemical industry must meet the norms and optimum safety of the industry.
    • Fans must be constructed with an anti-spark design having material coated with epoxy paint to meet safety.
  • Agriculture
    • Agriculture applications involve ventilation of livestock to maintain livelihood of poultry by supplying fresh air and removal of dust particles. In poultry applications an axial fan is used.
    • In case of draining of grains, centrifugal fans are used. In soil applications, high to medium volume centrifugal fans are used.
  • Boilers and ovens
    • In boiler industry fans are used to supply required amount of fresh air into boiler to maintain optimum level of oxygen for complete combustion of gas or fuel.
    • Inlet guide vanes are applied to control the rate of pressure, based on the temperature requirements.
    • Industrial boilers serve their purpose in oven applications such as in glass industry and metal industry.
    • In oven industries re-circulating fans are used to maintain uniform temperatures. Large centrifugal fans are used to cool the walls of the oven.
  • Wood and paper
    • Wood and paper industry use axial fans for drying the material in their manufacturing units. In wood industry axial fans are used to dry Centrifugal Fanwood before it is transformed.
    • Paper is run continuously on the rolls at a speed which depends on the quality and type of paper to be produced. Fans are used to dry the paper either by exhausting air creating a depression under paper paste or passing the paper paste or pulp through an oven where it is subjected to high temperature for drying.
  • Cement
    • In cement industry fans play important role. There are different fans used in cement industry that serve their purpose.
      • Raw mill fans
      • Exhaust fans or re-circulation fans
      • Kiln ID fans
      • Coal mill exhaust fans
      • Primary air fans
      • Clicker cooler fans
    • In cement industry heavy duty fans are used because the operating conditions are very high.
  • Steel
    • In steel industry fans play major role, in grinding the materials, de-dusting the oven and in gas exhaust systems etc.
    • In steel industry fans are subjected to condition such as
      • high temperature
      • high dusty air extraction
      • anti-fatigue designs
      • corrosion

It is very important to have fans in every industry. An industry may have multiple number of fans installed in its work place based on the requirement.

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