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Dental Space Maintainers

Space maintainer, an device used by dentists or orthodontists made from metal or acrylic. It can either be cemented or be removed from the child’s mouth. Its purpose is to maintain space and allow the permanent tooth to erupt in place. There may be the need of the space maintainers if children lose their teeth […]

Oral Health Problems in Children

Oral hygiene of children is very important. Dental health care affects a large of children. Oral Health Problems: Bottle decay Thumb sucking Tongue thrusting Lip Sucking Early Tooth Loss 1. Bottle Decay: Bottle decay is the dental teeth decay caused by the frequent contact of sugary solution or milk with the teeth. It mostly affects […]

Environmental Wellness

The scope of environment is vast. Environment represents the immediate surroundings or society where you live. Here our discussion is confined to both surroundings as well as people and their impact on wellness. Environmental wellness-What is it? It pertains to cleanliness of areas in which you live. It is all about how to maintain hygienic […]

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