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Environmental Wellness

The scope of environment is vast. Environment represents the immediate surroundings or society where you live. Here our discussion is confined to both surroundings as well as people and their impact on wellness. Environmental wellness-What is it? It pertains to cleanliness of areas in which you live. It is all about how to maintain hygienic […]

Human Brain and Drugs

The brain is an important part of our body. There are billions of neurons present in our brain in different centers to control different parts of your body. Like a group of neurons control digestive system while another group controls nervous system. There is a mutual cooperation between all these neurons that makes a man […]

All about Unconscious Motivation

Some psychologists believe that a important portion of human behavior is energized and directed by unconscious motives. According to Maslow: “Psychoanalysis has often demonstrated that the relationship between a conscious desire and the ultimate unconscious aim that underlies it need not be at all direct.” In other words, stated motives do not always match those […]

The Bodybuilding supplement

The Bodybuilding supplement is the matter adopts the involvement weight training either other sports aid by the athlete in the muscle massive buildings or the aid obese loss. Bodybuilding supplements may also be used to improve sports performance and improve recovery from events and training. One important separately exists in many weights trainings group and […]

Causes of Diarrhea

In medicine, diarrhea, also spelled diarrhea, refers to frequent loose or liquid bowel movements. Although for many people diarrhea is merely unpleasant, diarrhea that is both acute and severe is a common cause of death in developing countries and a major cause of infant death worldwide. It is often due to gastroenteritis. Major Causes Viral […]

Universal Hair Problems

Everyone in the world is facing some general hair problems. Now I would like to explain some of the most frequently encountered hair problems and their solutions. Coated Hair-Rinses: Generally here the hair is heavily coated and exceptionally dry because hair has been exposed to too many hair rinses. So you need to avoid the […]

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