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Suggested Plants for Small Home Gardens

Gardening is a step by step process that involves selection of plants according to location, quality of soil for better cultivation of plants, usage of homemade fertilizers, adequate spacing between plants for better growth, proper watering, protecting plants from harmful insects and flies and maintaining cleanliness of garden. The whole activity of gardening develops the […]

Renovating Your Home

Renovating home is a process of making changes to an existing home. It includes renovating to the rooms, kitchen, lawn and outdoor structures. There are some steps to be followed to renovate your home effectively. These steps will help you to renovate your home in a planned manner. The steps include: Determine the extent of […]

Reasons for Growing Carnivorous Plants

Are you bored of looking at only the vegetable or fruit or other flowering plants in your garden? Then, why not add special carnivorous plants which trap insects. They attract and kill the insects with special mechanisms. They benefit several nutrients from the digested insect. They help in removing any unnecessary insects and pests present […]

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