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May 22 / Robert Vanalstyn

Types of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is a strategy used by many businesses to communicate with their prospective customers and make them aware and knowledgeable about their products/services. It is used as a powerful marketing tool in various ways to promote business and reach people across the globe.

Digital marketing is part of a strategy to attract target customers. Digital marketing is performed in different forms. These are effective in creating the desired outcome, ans are cost effective. Here are some of the effective types of digital marketing.

Display advertising
It is a graphical advertisement displayed on other websites or blogs to boost traffic. These graphical advertisements are banners, and can include text, images, audio, video or interactive content.

Display advertising increases product and brand awareness, and helps you reach your marketing goal. In this type of marketing, you also get to know the number of people that have clicked on your ad and what they did on your site.

Affiliate marketing
In affiliate marketing, the website owner makes money for helping businesses by promoting their website, product or service, on their own website. It is a type of marketing by a third party that refers customers to the merchant’s website, either to help the merchant sell their products/services, or to send prospective customers to the merchant’s website. This type of marketing will give more exposure to the merchant’s products/services.

E-mail marketing
E-mail marketing is a process that distributes messages to customers via e-mail. It is an advertisement of a product, service, or a brand. It can either consist of a text message, a combination of words and images, or a video.

To start the process, first the customer should sign up for an e-mail publication to get reminded through e-mail about new products, launches, and other deals being offered by your business.

Search engine marketing (SEM)
SEM has two methods of gaining traffic to a website, one is SEO (search engine optimization) which is through organic and free traffic, and the other is PPC (Pay Per Click), which is a paid advertisement, you can see the sponsored ads at the top of the search results page. The aim of SEM is to provide better search results and send a more targeted traffic to your website.

Social Media Marketing (SMM)
Promoting a website through SMM involves using social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and so on. In SMM, businesses can connect with their customers to spread awareness about their company, its products/services. Today, it is one of the most popular marketing strategies. Businesses are increasingly using social media networks to interact with customers, investors, employees, vendors and prospects.

In addition, there are many other types such as mobile marketing, inbound marketing, content marketing, keyword marketing, video marketing, article marketing, etc., which can be used to attract users to your website and your business.
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Jun 4 / Robert Vanalstyn

Why to Monitor Your Website

In today’s tough competitive business world, it is important for your business to stay live online. Users are increasingly purchasing/researching/evaluating products/services by visiting relevant website. By this, purchasing products or services has become easier. Consumers are increasingly finding it convenient to purchase online.

Under these circumstances, it is important for businesses to make sure that their websites are up. In other word, business owners have to make their website available for users at any time. This post emphasizes the importance of monitoring your business website.

To keep business functioning and profitable
Monitoring your website prevents from unwanted hackers thereby improving site performance.
Hackers harm your website by damaging the uptime. How do they do it? Well, they might do it by incorporating in your website malicious code, as a result your site is down. A website monitor can help you by letting your site administrators know when your site is down and act fast, so that there is minimal loss of business.

Customer satisfaction
When visitors find your website loading fast, withing one or two seconds, it is likely that they get curious and go into the site further. It helps you in keeping them engaged in your site.

In other words, if your website is taking less time to load, then the visitors will stay on your website rather than going to your competitors site.

Preventing loss in sales
If your business website is monitored properly, and if any issue arises it will be reported to you immediately. You can look into the matter and get it solved. This will prevent loss in sales.

If your site is down many a times, your customers might find it difficult to purchase your product/service. You will not only lose potential customers, but it could do damage to the companies brand.

Obtain best search results ranking
Search engines look for your site’s uptime. That is, they check if your site was down at any moment and how often it goes down. Website’s uptime is an important criterion while ranking it.

Search engines such as Google take the loading speed of your site as one of the criteria for ranking sites. This is because, if your site is not loading fast, Google perceives it as one of the factors that badly affects user experience.

Detecting hackers fast
Detecting hackers fast is important because they cause loss of valuable customers by making the site down. They bring trouble to the site by technically making some changes in the operation of the website.

Having a website monitor is likely to keep you abreast of your website’s performance. They will let you know the site’s down time via email, SMS text messages and/or voice messages. This helps your site’s administrator to take remedial measures immediately.

Jun 27 / Wilson Brian

Relation Between Event Management and Event Marketing

Event marketing is a way of designing or developing a promotion for an organization, cause or product or service. It is a occasion, display, activity or exhibit. Business and types of events are promoted using this event marketing. This is also called as event creation.

It mainly focuses on face to face interactions, live events, corporate meetings, trade shows, etc.

Relation between event marketing and event management:
Corporate Event Design OaklandEvent management needs event marketing in every step to promote the event. There are some events which are designed to convey brand benefits to the audience. Events are created using trade shows and exhibitions to achieve a cost effective communication with all the members of the trade. Some of the sponsored events were also conducted to extend the brand value through may instances and to make them communicate with the audience. Developing of promotional events are also necessary for the event management.

Promotion of business in market:

  • To promote the companies services or products, businesses participate in the trade shows and professional shows and other events through a forum.
  • Some of the events conducted by them helps in maintaining contact with the trade.
  • These trade shows have a major impact on the business and helps them to know the buying process in one location.
  • Through trade shows there is chance of enhancing existing customer relationship, can create awareness regarding new prospects, chance of establishing relationship between vendors and prospects which help them to sale their product on the spot.
  • These trade shows influence the buying process in the industry and this must be pre-promoted.
  • Sponsorship is the other area were you must concentrate which is a part of promoting sales. It is defined as the practice of promoting the company’s brand through events.
  • This method is popular for the medium scale companies which has the corporate communication especially the companies operating based on the consumer markets.
  • It is the variable method of communication and first and foremost commercial activity. This can be used to achieve a variety of objectives.
  • Through promotional events you can promote your business in variety of ways. These events make your business spread effectively among the consumer audience.

The main objective of the trade shows, sponsorships and promotional events is to:

  • Introduce new products in to market
  • Make additional sales
  • Enhance the relationships with existing customers
  • Enhance corporate image of a business
  • Brand awareness
  • Leveraging corporate goodwill, etc

This is the way event marketing and event management are related. Through event marketing, event management gets a promotion in the market.
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Jun 27 / Dale Harris

All About Third Party Ad Servers for Small Businesses

Ad ServersAd servers are an important evolution in web technology. Ad servers have made the job of publishing, placing, targeting and timing of ads pretty easy these days. However, for a new business, an important question is whether they should go for third-party ad servers or they should have their own servers. This article seeks to offer a clarity in this regard.

What is third-party ad serving all about?
Third-party ad serving involves when you visit a website. A website might have its own content but the ads come from a different server or site.

Third-party ad servers are important for businesses with limited technical skills. This is more so in case of small business’ owners. Small business owners have a limited amount of capital as well as technology they put into practice at the businesses as well as their own skills. Unless the business owner is expertise, it is difficult to manage the various aspects of ad server.
In simple, if the owners of the business do not have the technical or financial competency to do the job themselves then a sensible proposition would be to go for third-party ad servers.

How do third-party servers work?
A third-party advertiser does the function of an ad server in general. However, by such an ad server advertisers can monitor how the ads performance. Banners ads, paid search list ads are some examples of third-party ad server technology. In case of third-party severs, the content is from your site and the ads come from the server. Here the browser gets instruction from the website to collect user information from diverse websites.

How third-party ad servers are useful?
These ad severs program your ads according to your business’ requests. They can help you to know how often the ad has been served, the number of clicks occurred, and most important of all – conversion generated from the ad.

How cookies help?
The ad server here uses cookies which help you keep visitors in good humor. How?
It works like this: the cookies put a cap on the frequency of the ad getting displayed. This is useful when a visitor is busy looking at the content, a high number of ads might come up which may make the visitor frustrated. The cookies in the site makes sure that such ads come up only once.

Further, using cookies enable useful ads get displayed more often. Cookies help to track visitors. This is possible because cookies enable by checking click on the ads made on the publisher’s website.

Thus, third party ad servers are very important for small business to promote themselves and establish valuable contacts.
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Jun 30 / Robert Vanalstyn

PCB: An Introduction to Innovation

What is a PCB?
The acronym PCB stands for Printed Circuit Board. PCBs are a versatile and very critical part of an electronic circuit, they are the crucial part in an electronic equipment.

flexible pcbPCBs are basically no other than electronic circuits designed in a beautiful way on an insulating substrate. Apart from the aesthetic appearance, they also bring other benefits like more complex circuiting, easy component placement and better trouble shooting capabilities. The conducting links consist of etched or deposited conducting tracks unlike traditional wire connections.
PCBs have evolved over the years and there are many types of them used in the industry. Their suitability is a function of the application, size and the working environment it has to be used.

An early PCB
The first formal PCB came into effect was a PCB circuit for radio developed by Dr. Paul Eisler. Though the PCB didn’t achieve the deserved recognition in the earlier stages, it only gained importance during the World War II.
The earlier PCB manufacturing techniques were mainly based on neat circuiting for reliability and durability but the reduction in size came as an added advantage. The manufacturing process were mainly based on chemical acid etching method and turret boards.

Current trend
Today’s approaches to PCB manufacturing are far superior than the earlier techniques with more merits like size reduction, working environment suitability and extensive enhancement in data transfer capabilities.

In simple applications, single and double sided PCB boards are used. Single sided PCBs are conductively etched on one surface and the other surface is used for soldering the legs of the components to be mounted on the circuit. In double sided PCB boards, the other side is also etched or left fully cladded to allow it to be used for signal source or ground common.

The more advanced multilayer PCB were used for massive size reduction and added features in a lesser space. The multilayer PCB consisted of multiple layers of designed circuit boards sandwiched together with the help of a non conducting laminating material in between.

With technological advancement, the PCB has not lagged behind. To keep in pace with the industry, software applications for circuit designing were invented. With this, the 2D and 2.5D trend in the PCB manufacturing started booming giving them an extra edge over their earlier counterparts. They have reduced dimensions, more features and better data transfer capabilities. With latest tools available, the track resolution as small as a few 1000th parts of an inch can be achieved.

Significance of PCBs
The significance of PCBs can not be overlooked. It has revolutionized the consumer and industrial electronics. As a result, we can now witness the miniaturization of gadgets and equipment within a short span of time. They come now loaded with extra features at the same time. The mass production of the PCB has reduced the cost of manufacturing and has helped the electronic industry to cater to the need of consumer in a more economical way. As a result, the technology has become cheaper and is easily accessible. It has led to over all development of the living status and the mankind in whole.

Future prospects
The future is likely to see more new applications and innovation. This is likely to happen: with the dimensions getting smaller, more features will get loaded and extremely fast data transfer capabilities. The development of the 3D technology and the quest for new materials are on to meet the needs and expectations of rapidly transforming electronic industry. With the developments expected to be concluded in due time, we can expect to witness healthy and important changes in the years come.
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Sep 19 / Robert Vanalstyn

OSHA: Design And Construction of Fire Exits

Fire exits are a effective way of evacuating the workforce out of the workplace in case of a fire hazard. It is the employer’s responsibility to ensure that the safety of the employees is not compromised. Hence, he is responsible for providing a fire exit at the workplace and see to it does not compromise the safety of the personnel in case of a hazard. The design and construction of the fire exit plays a pivotal role in ensuring this.

How many fire exits are required?
OSHA provides certain guidelines for the design and construction of the fire exits to ensure that it serves it purpose to the maximum extent. At least 2 fire exits should be provided at the workplace and they should be far from each other. This makes sure that even if one is not accessible due to fire or some other factors that may have rendered them useless; the other fire exit is available for evacuation. An exception is there to this guideline and even one fire exit is allowed but it should account for proper and timely evacuation of all the employees without casualty.

Parts of a fire exit
The fire exit is classified into three following parts:

  • Exit access: This generally refers to the mouth of the exit; the portion leading to the exit.
  • Exit: This is the portion of the exit route that provides safe passage to the employee by a separated way free from risk that will lead to a safe place.
  • Exit discharge: This is the exterior portion of the exit route that will lead directly outwards toward a safe place like some street, walkways, refuge area, open space etc.

OSHA guidelines for construction and design of exit routes
OSHA provides guidelines regarding the design and construction of the fire exits. These guidelines are as follows:

  • The fire exits must be permanently integrated parts of the workplace.
  • The fire exits must be large enough to hold all the employees and it should lead directly outside or some other place like walkways, street, public way that has an access to outside.
  • Fire exits that lead to points beyond exit discharges should be clearly marked and displayed for fire exits. It may include doors, partitions etc and the directions should be clearly marked indicating the direction of evacuation.
  • The fire exit routes must be unlocked both from inside and outside when employees are in the workplace and any systems that will lock the doorway in case of faulty operation should be discouraged.
  • The doors used in the fire exits should be preferably side hinged and they should swing open in the direction of the exit. This comes helpful in a way that it does not obstruct the way of the employees when they are evacuating hurriedly.
  • The fire exits should be designed to accommodate all the occupants of the workplace in case of a hazard. The capacity of the fire exit should not decrease in the exit route towards the exit discharge.
  • The ceiling height of the fire exit route should be at least 7 feet and 6 inches and the exits must be minimum 28 inches wide at each point of the route. The presence of obstacles that reduce that dimensions of the pathway should be discouraged and the exit route should be free from all such obstacles.
  • If the fire exit connects 3 or less number of floors, then it that material used for fire exits should have at least one hour fire resistance rating. If the fire exit connects more than 3 floors, then the material need to have at least how hour fire resistance rating.
  • If outdoor exit routes are being considered, then following points should be kept in mind:
  • Proper safety for the employees must be ensured while they are in the fire exits. This includes guardrails and sheets covering the route if snow or ice is likely to accumulate.
  • The paths should be straight and walkways should be smooth, solid and highly leveled.
  • The dead ends should not be more than 20 feet long.

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Sep 17 / Robert Vanalstyn

Importance of Traveling

A prefect travel plan will relieve your workload and stress, and will give you the opportunity to enjoy your time with your family/friends. This helps in getting your mind off work and think of some interesting things over trip. You will not only get to see new places, but also get to know the culture, food and the language of the places visited. Going on a trip is important in many ways besides being recreational.

Exploring new places
World is a beautiful place and it is full of wonders. There are places you can’t imagine and beauties you can’t think of. Speaking of them is no good as far as you do not go visit them personally. They will suddenly summon your senses into action and give you celestial joy. You have missed a good deal of things in your life if you have not visited at least some of them.

New culture and new food
Culture is a bond that keeps people in different communities together. Different places are ruled by different cultures which is by some way common and unique by itself. Getting to know about these cultures over the trip is knowledgeable and fun. This builds your tolerance towards other cultures and traditions and builds respect. This has a very positive impact on your mind. In this way, your trip can never be boring.

When it comes to traveling, treating your taste buds with some exotic food is a thing that is of everyone’s delight. Try out different cuisines while traveling. If you are not used to spicy food, avoid eating it.

Learning new languages
While on a trip you also get to hear languages that you have never heard of. Some travelers are very keen on learning some basic vocabulary of the place where he/she is traveling so that it becomes easy to communicate with the localities and to know some information of that place.

Discovering yourself
People are giving so much time to their work that they rarely find time to discover themselves. While you are on a trip with your family and friends, you end up taking new challenges, you end up behaving in a person whom you do not know. Shortly, you end up discovering a new you. You explore new dimensions of yourself. You realize that you have skills you can’t think of.
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Sep 11 / Jesus Dosreis

Renovating Your Home

Renovating home is a process of making changes to an existing home. It includes renovating to the rooms, kitchen, lawn and outdoor structures. There are some steps to be followed to renovate your home effectively. These steps will help you to renovate your home in a planned manner. The steps include:

Determine the extent of renovation
If you want to renovate or remodel your home, then determine whether the problem is structural or cosmetic. Then determine whether you need to move or repair walls and painting. If necessary hire home inspector who will look for major problems before you undertake to renovate your home.

Hire home renovation professionals
If necessary consult home renovation offices and hire professionals. This minimizes time and money as they have experience in remodeling homes and also have contacts with other workers like plumbers, carpenters and electricians required for remodeling of your home.

Prepare a list
Once you determined the extent of renovation then prepare a list of all the changes you would like to make to the home. Prepare a list of all the materials required to buy for renovating your home. List should include paint bottles, window grills, pipes, etc.

Plan your budget
Plan your budget before you start renovating. List all the things that costs in renovation of home. This will help you to reduce the unnecessary costs. List of budget should include every item which costs in the renovation of your home such as home inspector pay, wages for workers, cost of tools and appliances required.

Decide whether you live while renovation
Decide whether you will able to live in the same renovating home or you will stay in some other home till the completion of renovation. Proper arrangements should be made to live before you start renovating your home to avoid discomfort.

Plan your approach
Plan what things to be done first and what later. Identify and address the immediate activities such as leaky pipes or broken pipes should be repaired first. Do the activities immediately which are hazardous like broken windows. Tackle major activities first and then simple activities. Try to do related activities together.
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Sep 11 / Dale Harris

Is DUI Felony or Misdemeanor?

DUI refers to driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. It is an illegal activity of driving a vehicle under the influence of drugs like marijuana or opium or alcohol. If you are charged for driving under the influence then the case may be filed as DUI felony or misdemeanor.

DUI Felony Vs Misdemeanor
Majority of the drunk driving cases are charged as DUI misdemeanor only a few cases where severe injury or death of the person involved then it will be charged as DUI felony.

There are some differences between the DUI felony and misdemeanor. These include:

  • Based on the previous DUI convictions: Whether DUI is a felony or misdemeanor can be determined based on the previous DUI convictions you had. DUI felony charge is imposed when it is the drivers third or fourth DUI offense. It is imposed if it is the drivers fourth offense within a period of ten years. DUI misdemeanor charge is imposed when it is the drivers first DUI offense.
  • Based on the severity of injury: Based on the severity of injury also DUI charge can be differentiated into felony or misdemeanor. An individual will be charged for DUI felony if he or she driving the vehicle under the influence of drugs or alcohol causes severe injury or death of victim. An individual will be charged for misdemeanor if driving under the influence suspects to cause any damage or minor injury.
  • Based on the type and length of punishment for the crime: DUI misdemeanor carry the possibility of incarceration in the local jail for a period of not more than one year where as felony result in the state jail for a period of more than one year depends on the severity of injury. Penalty for misdemeanor includes suspension of driving license, jail time, community services and installation of ignition interlock devices where as penalty for felony is harsh than misdemeanor. In addition to those mentioned, felony charge may also lose many civil rights like right to vote. Driving license will be suspended for many years as compared to misdemeanor charge.
  • Expungement of crime from records: Expungement is the removal of convicted crime from the records so that the crime will no longer be available no the records. Misdemeanor crime can be expunged from the records where as felony can not be expunged from the records.

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Sep 4 / Wilson Brian

How a Self Parking Car Works

You may find it hard to park your car when you go to busy place: shopping mall, fair, business event, etc. It’s a challenging task to find a suitable place in the parking lot when parking space limited.

However, advancement in technology has facilitated easy car parking. Your car can park itself using this technology. The technology used in self-parking cars can be used for collision avoidance systems and ultimately self-driving. Self-parking cars make parking an easy task.

In this article, we’ll discuss self parking system in your car.

How self parking car works

  • Automakers are coming with new technology for self parking of car.
  • When the driver is in a busy traffic and looking, for a parking spot for parking the car.
  • If the car is equipped with a self parking technology then before attempting to park the car activates the self parking function button which is present on the dashboard.
  • After activating the self parking system, it looks for a suitable place automatically and checks for enough parking space.
  • It will take help of sensors present on the side mirrors of the car to measure the space and compare the available space with the car exterior dimensions.
  • The driver only needs to stop the car adjacent to the other parked car.
  • When the driver shifts in reverse mode, the self parking system takes control over the steering wheel and asks the driver to press the throttle.
  • The self parking system automatically adjusts the steering wheel to get closer to car in the back and stops by itself.
  • The self parking system asks driver to shift in drive and then the system pulls the steering wheel to adjust the position while parking in the parking slot.
  • If the space is more, the car will automatically steers itself into the slot.
  • No more reversing back and forth the system knows if a space is large enough for the car.
  • The self parking system comes with combined acoustic sensors for reversing the car.
  • if you touch the steering wheel or press the brake at any point, the self parking system will cancel the process of parking.
  • Using this technology, you can also reverse the car into perpendicular parking spaces.
  • In some vehicles, instead of warning signals, the car may actually use a real voice system that informs you about the next move the car is going to to make.

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Sep 3 / Robert Vanalstyn

Flexible Electronics in Healthcare

Developments in electronics has gone a long way in developing the machinery and instrumentation for healthcare. The detection and diagnosis has become very simple. But there is still a lot to achieve and many limitations have to be overcome. Many of these limitations can be eliminated by using the latest flexible electronics technology. Though this is primarily being used to manufacture circuits for for mobile phones, laptops and televisions, etc. it can be put to a good use in healthcare by taking the help of nanotechnology. The initial processes consist of creating a circuit with the help of conductive and optical inks that can be printed on flexible substrates to form electronic components like diodes, transistors, etc. The substrates and inks are basically carbon based called organic and work just like inorganic substrates.

Flexible electronics in healthcare
Technology of the day though advanced, is bulky and and not portable. It is very cumbersome to carry it from one place to another. This makes the patient’s presence in hospital compulsory. Often the patient has to spend a long time, even days in hospitals to be kept under observation. These practices though important do not synchronize with the busy schedule and the lifestyle.

There are times, when a complex and intricate surgery have to be done to know and diagnose an ailment. The patient has to be diagnosed during seizures. Using electrodes and insertion methods are difficult to employ during these times.

With the help of flexible electronics and nanotechnology, circuits can be designed which can be implanted directly on the brain through a small insertion and the data can be recorded. This is far more less painful and traumatic to the patient and convenient for the physician.

Similarly, body patches containing circuits can be manufactured and pasted on areas of the patient’s skin to record the electrical activities of brain and heart. A patient do not need to suffer pain and inconvenience in a hospital. The data can later be transmitted to the doctor. Similar body patches can be manufactured for monitoring blood pressure, blood sugar and heart beat rate. The body need not be pierced for the purpose. The sensor can be made very small with the help of nanotechnology and can be used for medical and healthcare purposes.

Research is going on to produce lenses that can regulate and warn for glaucoma and body patch circuits that monitor the personal health of a person. Efforts are also being made to produce electronic circuits that will dissolve in the body after the job is done without causing any harm to body. This can reduce the labor and pain of surgery.

Benefits of flexible electronics in health care

  • Bulky hardware and sensors are eliminated. The patient can move around and perform their work.
  • The patient has to be admitted in hospital for constant observation.
  • Less insertions and incisions make it less painful and traumatic for the patients.
  • Data can be recorded and transmitted to gadgets such as smart phones and laptops.
  • They are flexible in nature and when implanted do not cause pain to patient during body part movement.
  • They do not cause any side effect or allergy and are safe for.

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Aug 25 / Robert Vanalstyn

Planning a Budget for Your Company’s Event

Budgeting is a part of event planning process. Budget planning helps us to avoid unnecessary costs and provides a frame work for company’s event. Before making a commitment to plan an event it is important to examine the financial elements involved in the event and then plan a budget for your company’s event.

There are following steps to plan a budget for your company’s event.

  • Make a list of expenses
  • Categorize your list
  • Estimate the cost of organizing the event

Make a list of expenses
For planning budget, first you should make a list of all the items included in the company’s event. This list should contain all the things that costs for the event like advertisements, venue, number of guests, etc.

Categorize the list
After preparing a list of expenses, then categorize the cost according to each activity. It includes:

  • Venue cost: Venue is the important aspect in planning a budget for your company event.
  • Catering expenses: It includes the cost of food, beverages and catering staff.
  • Decor expenses: Most of the events are decorated with floral and other materials. These expenses should be included.
  • Promoting charges: Promoting charges includes advertising tools like banners, balloons costs, etc. Printing on banners and pamphlets should also be included in this category.
  • Transport charges: It includes cost of transporting equipment and hire of buses and cars.
  • Event documentary charges: It includes photographs and video recordings cost.
  • Awards/Gifts: Number of gifts and trophies required for guests and competitors and their costs included in this category.
  • Other expenses: It includes first-aid kit, ambulance and other expenses.

Estimating the cost of event
After categorize the list of items included in the event, estimate the cost and check is there are any unnecessary expenses included in the list. If there is any unnecessary expenses avoid them and estimate the cost of each category and plan your budget for your company’s event.

Planning a budget before organizing an event helps you to avoid unnecessary expenses and makes you to reach your events goal within your budget.
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Aug 22 / Dale Harris

Future of Medical Electronics

Over the last few decades, medical electronics strengthened health care infrastructure in different ways from medical test digitizing to therapeutic procedures with the help of tele-medicine and health IT. This fast growing domain needs experts from technology providing industries, key decision makers, stake holders, etc.

Medical electronics experienced double digit growth in recent years and this growth trajectory is expected to continue due to rise in chronic diseases, increased urbanization and population.

The U.S. National Academy of Engineering held a meeting in 2009 and took inputs from people all over the world to determine technological challenges of the 21st century to encourage engineers to bring with solutions.

The major challenges are: 1) to reduce labor in diagnosis 2) to advance health informatics and 3) to engineer better medicines. The future developments can be expected in fields where the use of robotic technology, telemedicine, body area networks, drug delivery mechanisms and electronic pills is large.

1. Reducing labor in diagnosis
The first challenge is reducing labor in diagnosis. With the advancement in the medical electronic devices, medical care expenses are increasing day by day. If this continuous to be the same in the next coming years it can’t sustain. This is exactly true in case of United states where health care costs are extreme. If the goal is to reduce the costs of health care one should look at the points where the costs are high. Costs are similar to medical and other services, which include raw materials, labor and capital. Advancements in the information technology and automation & robotics dictates the changes that are expected in health care.

To take the advantage of cost savings offered and time zone differences, many medical institutions outsource tasks reading of radio graphs and study of pathology slides. Use of robotic technology can reduce the cost and brings a positive impact on use of labor. Robots can be employed in child care and surgery can be performed by robots that are directed by doctor. This all leads to reduction in the cost in medical electronics industry.

2. Advancement in health informatics
Advancement in health informatics helps establish digital or electronic health records. This helps provide information with respect to the patients whenever necessary. The major challenge here is to give timely information to professionals at any part of the world. The present health information system that currently exists has some problem in interacting with one another in computer language. If a system is used to interact with spoken language rather than computer language then this challenges can be over come.

3. Engineering better medicines
To engineer better medicines is important as we have entered the period of personalized medicine. It is necessary to understand the patient’s condition and then give the medication. In the coming days, drugs and other treatments will be engineered depending of the individual needs while reducing the side effects otherwise drugs will be given to the clients based on their own specifications. Some other systems of future medical electronics are Body area networks, drug delivery mechanisms and electronic pills.

Body Area Networks (BANs)
These are compact wireless sensors connected to the body. To minimize the maintenance BANs have a long battery life. BANs monitor signs of pulse, blood pressure and blood glucose levels. The sensors on the body send the information to gateways such as PCs or mobile phones and finally to remote physicians. Three main areas where BANs are used are brain monitoring, cardiac monitoring and emotion monitoring.

Drug delivery mechanisms
Advancement in therapeutic methods will happen in the years to come. When compared to the bolus approach, today new methods of drug delivery that are natural are being developed. Improved methods of tissue engineering and regenerative medicine may help eliminate the need for certain drugs or hormonal replacement therapy.

Electronic pills
It does the functions like stimulate damaged tissue, targeted drug delivery for certain types of cancer, measure bio markers or monitor gastric problems. However, for charging those pills a non-toxic power source is necessary. The pill battery is created by taking in the form of pill, which can produce current same as the normal or regular battery. The battery of the pill is made of biodegradable material found in the human body. As the work is in progress, it is expected that this will meet within a short term.

These are major challenge the future advancements in the medical electronics has to meet in the coming days.
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Aug 21 / wbtuser4

Car Safety Technologies for Senior Drivers

Electronic industry has been evolving constantly over the years and the recent revolutionary changes has transformed the automobile domain. The recent automobiles have become very safe compared to their traditional counterparts. The automobiles in the market today comes loaded with extensive safety features. These systems can be in particular, of great help to senior citizens who develop many shortcomings in their driving skills due to their aging.

Safety features
Manufacturers have been working constantly in the direction for making driving more secure and safe. In the process, they have come up with many technologies that ensures the same.

  • Adaptive high beam : Adaptive high beam technology is used for controlling the intensity of high beams in cases when there is enough light on the road or while taking a turn. This saves the other driver round the curve from getting blind suddenly due to high beam of the vehicle leading to a mishap.
  • Night vision and pedestrian technology : Recently, many automobile manufacturers have come up with vehicles equipped with enhanced night vision and pedestrian detection technology. This can be of great help to aged people facing vision impairment problem. They can see better in the dark and the technology also detects pedestrians crossing the roads. Initially the system only alerts the driver but in extreme cases, it can apply brakes automatically. Additionally, nowadays vehicles come equipped with V2I technology that replicates the traffic signs or signals on dashboards or windscreens so that they can identify them clearly.
  • Adaptive cruise control and lane keeping : This feature is of particular help to aged people who has lost their muscle strength over time. Adaptive cruise control automatically modulates the speed of the vehicle in a way that it keeps up with the vehicle in front it and avoids collision. Auto lane keeping feature alerts the driver in case of lane changing and in cases when lane is not visible, it can also project the lane and take corrective actions in some models.
  • Anti collision systems : Anti collision systems in car came as boon for person of any age group but it is of significant help to old age who do not posses enough muscle reflex capabilities to take actions in fraction of seconds. Anti collision systems alarms the driver of any obstacles in the direction of motion and in extreme cases apply brakes automatically to avert an accident.
  • GPS and auto emergency calling feature : The vehicles that are driven by old age people should be equipped with GPS and emergency calling feature that can pinpoint the location of the car in case of an accident and dial emergency number immediately.

The advent of new safety systems in cars is an outcome of the technological advancement in the field of electronics. The vehicles have become more safe than they were earlier. These safety features are of considerable help to senior citizens who lack physical strength and have deteriorated driving skills. Hence these features can save the lives of old age drivers and others on road and also save a lot of property.
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Aug 8 / Jesus Dosreis

News Paper Advertising- Part of Company Promotion

Are you planning to promote your company? Looking for news paper advertisement for the purpose? If so, reading this article will help you out. It furnishes a few points that will help you in designing an aesthetically good newspaper advertisement.

Design paper ads with decent materials
In order to start designing a paper advertisement, you must have a proper plan with a rough outline or sketch of the advertisement that includes colors, font, template, etc. However, make sure newspaper advertising is designed in such a way it attracts people when they see it. For this, you should use some decent materials that help you make the advertisement clear and attractive.

The format of the paper advertisement should be in such a way that it looks good and rouses your customers’ interest. Make sure content of the advertisement is simple. Format including the font style, size of the ad, colors, etc. should be appropriate as well.

  • The font style that you are using should vary in headline and message so that people identify it easily. Don’t use too many fonts which, may make it clumsy.
  • The background color of the advertisement and the color of the font should vary in-order to make it visible to people and the colors that you use for the advertisement should be decent but should make a variation form the general ones.
  • Size of the ad should be appropriate – nether too big nor too small. It should be make sense based on the information you are giving for placing in the ad.

The headline or the title of the advertisement should grab the attention of the customers. In other words, it should be good enough to attract potential customers and that should make them to know what the advertisement is about.

The information that you want to convey to the audience or the people must be clear and concise so that people understands it clearly without any confusion. The best way to show the information is in a diagrammatic representation through which people understands easily and quickly. The advertisement should also include the logo or the brand of your company. At the end of the content use some inspiring quotations, which may help attract people.

Finally, make sure to check where the ad will be placed in the newspaper. It is very important because there are some places that people see mostly and people don’t. Ask for a proper place of displaying your ad in the news paper. It should be unique from the other ads that are placed in the paper.

Newspaper advertisement is an important means to promote businesses. It is an effective way to promote your business to reach a set of people who are less likely to use the Internet for news. Therefore, you need to plan your newspaper advertisement accordingly.
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Jul 30 / Donald Gonzalez

Do Dental Cast Gold Fillings Exist Today?

Cast fillings
Cast gold filling is method in dentistry, for restoration of appearance and make the teeth functional.

Cast gold fillings are the dental filling was the practice in vogue for many years and played an important role in the dental fillings. These fillings are used earlier a lot because these were only fillings available for the people those days and many people felt proud to have such type of gold fillings in their mouth but with the invention of latest technologies in dentistry new type of fillings came into into practice.

These fillings are used for inlays, outlays and crowns and are made of gold alloys that is gold mixed with other metals. This filling has many benefits but with a few disadvantages it stood back today and not preferred by most people. Here are the benefits and drawbacks of cast gold fillings.

Do cast fillings benefit patients?

  • These fillings don’t get fractured, or break. This fillings has been used by many people due its strangeness 40 – 50 years ago.
  • More durable than any other fillings today – usually lasts 10-15 years and more if maintained properly.
  • These filling has the capacity to expand according to the teeth structure when they are exposed to cold and hot.
  • Cast gold fillings have smooth surface where there is no chance of accumulating plaque.
  • Gold fillings don’t change its shape or they doesn’t flow.
  • The major benefit of this filling is they don’t corrode over time nor do change color, which is the major drawback of many other fillings.
  • Gold doesn’t release any kind of toxins and they doesn’t contain mercury.

Apart from these advantages, cast gold fillings have some disadvantages that most of the people have when compared to the other fillings today. Some of the drawbacks are:


  • The major drawback is they do not match the color of the teeth of the person who is going to use them. However, this filling can be used in the place where the fillings are not visible.
  • This filling is more expensive compared to the natural tooth colored fillings today.
  • For preparing gold fillings, the dentist requires some skills and techniques.
  • This is not preferred by most of the people.
  • It may create some shock when this gold fillings are placed beside the silver fillings.
  • They don’t give your teeth a natural look and people will know that you have dental problems and so you are having the fillings.
  • This may create sensitivity problems when people eat cold or hot foods.

Dental cast gold filling last for life, besides requiring little maintenance. Therefore, it is a good substitute for other filling materials used in dentistry.
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