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Jul 3 / wbtuser4

Models of Online Advertising

Online advertising is a method of adverting using internet as the main domain to provide or convey marketing promotional messages to consumers. It covers marketing by emails, search engine marketing and many types of display advertising such as mobile advertising and web banner advertising. Like in any other advertising media, online advertising often involves both […]

Apr 6 / wbtuser4

Suggested Plants for Small Home Gardens

Gardening is a step by step process that involves selection of plants according to location, quality of soil for better cultivation of plants, usage of homemade fertilizers, adequate spacing between plants for better growth, proper watering, protecting plants from harmful insects and flies and maintaining cleanliness of garden. The whole activity of gardening develops the […]

Mar 25 / wbtuser4

What kind of Software Should Not be Free?

Typically, some business owners try to run their businesses entirely on complimentary software that can be downloaded for free. They mostly use open source or free software applications for their business activities, somehow adjusting to the existing features and functionality. However, it is fine to use open source or free software to certain business activities […]

Feb 4 / wbtuser4

Relaxation Methods to Get Away From Stressful Situation

Relaxation means taking the time to release the stress, and which also helps in to do the work with a focused mind. It works out as a medicine to get the good outcome of any work. Discussing the things with others which wakes us feel tensed, can help us out to handle the situation in […]

Sep 7 / btscuser1

Common Mistakes that People Often do While Choosing a Web Host

If you are a website owner, like most entrepreneurs you should be keeping an eye on the hosting provider to check if they are holding up to their promises or are they being easy on the website up-time. When considering an hosting provider, we will be impressed by looking at their promises such as 99.9% […]

Sep 7 / btscuser1

Important Objectives Of an Organic Gardening

We are all well aware that organic has become a new buzz word in food industry where people are choosing only organic varieties that are grown ]naturally without using man-made chemicals. The same definition applies to gardening also where the process involves natural methods of growing plants replacing synthetic fertilizers & pesticides. Traditional gardeners may […]

Aug 9 / btscuser1

Factors that impact the website performance

In today’s information age, it is not a good idea to overlook website performance as it has direct impact on the business revenues. Most of the internet users expect the website pages to load within first one or two seconds and if the response is delayed even for a fraction of second, they will just […]

Nov 18 / wbtuser4

Optimization of Industrial Fans

The mechanical systems usually decrease its performance after a period of time. Hence, the systems are to be optimized in order to get maximum output from them. The optimization of the fans utilizes different kinds of steps like using series of fans on the shafts or using multiple shafts with series of fans.

Nov 18 / wbtuser4

Applications of Industrial Fans

Industrial fans find their applications in many industries. The main purpose of the industrial fans is to maintain the flow of fluid in the industry. Some industries use industrial fans for material handling too.

Nov 18 / wbtuser4

Classification of Industrial Fans

An industrial fan is a turning machine that transmits energy to the fluid (mostly gaseous fluids) by increasing pressure. Industrial fans are classified into two main categories based on the direction of flow of fluid along the direction of vanes or blades of a fan.

Apr 24 / Jesus Dosreis

Understanding Labor Rights For Women

Labor rights for women contributes to underlying policy aim of providing reduction in structural poverty by improving gender equality and women empowerment. These rights helps to promote economic self reliance. Today women make up to 50 % of the work force and around 46.9% of the technical and professional work force. Women are legally designated […]