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More Demand for Electric Lighting Ahead

Benjamin Franklin did a great discovery of electricity. Thanks to the lightning and thanks to the Kite (Franklin used a Kite to discover electricity). I am sure that if Thomas Alva Edison (or Humphrey Davy) did not discover the electric bulb, Franklin’s great discovery would not be as popular.

I am sure we can live much comfortably without all those machines running on electricity except for the electric bulbs. That shows the importance of lighting in our life.

According to a recent study, the demand for electric lighting all over the world is to increase by at least 7 percent a year. The growth may look small when considered in terms of percent. But the market is so big that even a billion dollar increase will seem to be a very small amount of increase through percentage.

By 2012, the demand will worth $40 billion. So, is the number big now?

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