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Why are Communication Skills so Important?

Communication skills are important everywhere. Communication is important at home, communication is important at workplace, in an organization, in hospitals, among friends etc. Wherever you go, you have to interact with people around you and for this you need to have good communication skills or effective communication skills in order to prevent misunderstanding or convey the message properly when you communicate with others.

Communication is significant for any organization. Good reading, speaking and writing skills are essential to achieve the goals. Communication is important to interact with the colleagues and team members and to carry out the given task successfully.

There are many advantages of having good communication skills. Another benefit is that there would be drastic reduction of misunderstandings or mistakes which is beneficial for a company as it would save a lot of money, time and effort.

  • Communication skills are important to teachers to make the students understand the lessons and clarifying their doubts easily.
  • Communication skills are important to the students to interact with teacher to ask their doubts and clarify them immediately.
  • Communication skills play an important role in selling, which, in turn increases the business for the company.
  • Communication skills are important to family members to build good relationships with each other.
  • Good communication makes people understand you much better without misunderstanding.
  • Good communication helps you get what you want and convince others to agree with you.
  • Good communication skills are important for people to present themselves and express their ideas more effectively.
  • Without good or effective communication skills people won’t listen to you. You will have very few career options as well.

Communication is only successful when both the sender and the recipient or receiver understands the same information as a result of communication.

Updated: January 29, 2013 — 2:54 am

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