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Top 10 Ways to Save Your Money

Most of my friends are asking my advice of how to save their money. I always use 10 easy tips to save my money. Here simple 10 tips to save your money.

  • Try to use public transportation because the public transportation not only saves money, but reduces stress. But it will take some extra time so try to utilize that time like reading, balancing your checkbook, studying, etc
  • Try to turn down your thermostat 2 degrees in the winter and up 2 degrees in the summer. Because slight change won’t really be felt by you, but you’ll notice the change in your electric bill.
  • Run clothes in your dryer for only 5 minutes, then remove the clothing, hang it up on plastic hangers to avoid rust and then allow to air dry. So you save electricity, and also your clothing will be less wrinkled.
  • Drop your gym membership and replace it with exercise DVDs. This is not advisable for those who find that they thrive in a more social setting, but if you go to the gym for nothing more than exercise, you may find exercising at home to be just as enjoyable and profitable.
  • Have a regular errand day. Grouping your weekly errands saves gas, and time. Plus, if you include a library run in your weekly errand day, you’ll be less likely to incur late fees.
  • Try to use the bartering skill, look for ways to exchange your resources with the resources of friends and relatives.
  • Cook in bulk and freeze meals in advance. Bulk cooking often costs less and you’ll definitely spend less on eating out if you have males you can prepare in a snap at home.
  • Try to meet friends for coffee rather than for a meal.
  • Plant a garden. Fresh produce not only tastes better and is often more nutritious, a small garden will provide more than enough vegetables for the average family.
  • Develop a monthly or year budget and stick with it may be budgets feel restrictive but in the long run, they’ll help you to have more financial freedom. They also help you to avoid unconsciously spending money on things that have little lasting value.
Updated: February 4, 2010 — 4:18 am

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