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DTOs Expansion Over Drug Cultivation

Drug cultivation is the first phase of drugs production. Drug was mainly developed to use in medication but as time goes by it gets used as addition purpose. Hence, drugs market is growing rapidly to fulfill the demand of addicts. They first cultivate it and then they sell it to drugs market.

Today’s, illegal drugs cultivation is growing very rapidly. According to the report, traffickers are expanding outdoor cultivation operations towards United States. It is because these areas are less subjected to law enforcement scrutiny problems. Since 1999, Mexican DTOs are cultivating drugs in California, Washington, and Oregon areas.

Asian traffickers are also expanding the number of indoor grow sites. Majorly U.S-based and Canada-based Asian groups are involved in large-scale indoor cultivation. Within the past decade, these groups have expanded to numerous states like Texas, New England states. They move to these areas because it helps to avoid law enforcement detection and to gain better access to drug markets.

Cuban traffickers are the major cultivator of Marijuana in the Southeast Region but these sites are smaller than Asian-operated sites. Earlier Cannabis cultivations by Cuban traffickers were done in southern Florida but to increase potential drug market it shifted to northern Florida, Georgia, and North Carolina.

Thus, illegal drugs cultivation is increasing year by year. Mexico DTOs are the major producers of drugs compared to other DTOs. High demand of Drugs in U.S and other parts of the world lead to these expansion in drugs cultivation.

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