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Influence Of Mexican DTOs Over Columbian DTOs

Drug trafficking organizations (DTOs) are the complex organizations which have highly defined command-and-control structures that can produce, transport, and distribute large quantities of illicit drugs to any region of country. In earlier period of time Columbian DTOs were the leading suppliers of drugs like cocaine and heroin but as time went on it was influenced by Mexican DTOs.

Low production of drugs especially Cocaine and tight grip of law enforcement in these areas were the main reason for the Columbian DTOs declination. When Columbian DTOs were diminished then Mexican DTOs expanded their presence by increasing their transportation and distribution networks directly to Dominican drug distributors. Previously cocaine and heroin were distributed by Colombian DTOs.

The alliance between Mexican and Dominican DTOs expanded the midlevel and retail drug distribution networks, mainly in the Mid-Atlantic, Great Lakes and Southwest region. A well establishment of multiple sources enabled Dominican DTOs to sale drugs at lower costs with large profit margins.

Mexican DTOs expansion also affected the Italian Organized Crime (IOC) groups smuggling. In 2008, drug trafficking by IOC in eastern states was increasing but in 2009 no similar drug smuggling cases were noticed.

Hence, it is clear that Mexican DTOs are expanding very rapidly in Drugs smuggling market. This is the only one group which works in every region of the country and till 2009, there are 900,000 active gang members who work for Mexican DTOs.

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