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Single Market for SMEs

The proof for the need for a revitalization of the EU’s Single Market was given by the European Commission Statistics which showed that the small and medium sizes businesses that engage in international activities saw a huge growth figures.

As per a study by the commission, 25 percent of EU SMEs export or have exported in the past 3 years. It also showed that the firms which are internationally active have seen an increase employment rate of 7 percent when compared to only 1 percent for those which are not internationally active. According to the study by the commission, about 76 percent of all exporting SMEs are inclined towards the Single Market. The international small and medium sizes enterprises are 3 times more likely to be innovative when compared with the non-international small and medium sized enterprises.

It clearly shows that it is very much beneficial for the businesses to go international. As per these figures, the Single Market is more important for the economic recovery.

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