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Small Business Survival Index 2009

The Small Business and Entrepreneurship Council recently released its 14th annual rankings of the states according to their public policy climates for small business and entrepreneurship in the “Small Business Survival Index 2009: Ranking the Policy Environment for Entrepreneurship Across the Nation.”

The Small Business Survival Index helps the small business owners, investors and also the lawmakers understand the public policy burdens which are placed on entrepreneurship and small business in the states, and it ranks them accordingly.

As per their policy environments, the top ten entrepreneur-friendly states under the “Small Business Survival Index 2009” are:
1) South Dakota, 2) Nevada, 3) Texas, 4) Wyoming, 5) Washington, 6) Florida, 7) South Carolina, 8 ) Colorado, 9) Alabama, and 10) Virginia.

In contrast, the bottom ten include: 42) Hawaii, 43) Minnesota, 44) Massachusetts, 45) Rhode Island, 46) Maine, 47) Vermont, 48) New York, 49) California, 50) New Jersey and 51) District of Columbia.

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